THE MENTALIST Redux: Our Top 5 Favorite Moments From “Green Light”

mentalist green light

This week the whole Abbott DEA mystery comes to a head. Here are your MENTALIST Top Five Moments!

Abbott goes back to his old stomping grounds at the DEA
After a raid on the Alamo Brew House goes FUBAR, DC wants an outside agency to investigate it. Abbott meets with his old boss, Bill Peterson. I instantly mistrust Bill. Let’s see if I’m right. Oh, look. He’s already asking for special treatment by insisting Abbott let him see the report before he sends it in. Then guilt trips him. AWKWARD. Abbott goes to interview the lead agent on the raid, Gonzalez, who’d nearly choked out the owner of the Brew House after he was a total jerk. Abbott sees a weird black “S” spray painted on the door, and when he goes inside, he finds Gonzalez dead and tied up with his mouth duct taped. Someone wanted him REALLY dead. The “S” was for “Sosa,” as in the Sosa Cartel. The Brew House was supposedly selling their drugs.

The Investigation!
Both Jane and Lisbon are immediately suspicious that Korbell, the owner of the Brew House, would kill Gonzalez, since the raid had been a bust. This would just call more attention to him.

Jane has looked at the surveillance photos and figured out that if one of the lights surrounding the restaurant sign is on, they’re selling drugs and off they’re not. That’s why they didn’t find anything in the raid. There’s a mole at the DEA who also killed Gonzalez, because he figured out the code. Lisbon reveals that for the past two years, there have been a lot of busted raids good ol’ Bill has explained away.

Bill further ingratiates himself when he tries to get Abbott to lie about his contribution to the case, so he can share the collar. Abbott tries to play hardball, but Bill not-so-subtly blackmails the hell out of him.

Abbott’s Big Rio Bravo DEA secret!
That he comes clean to Jane, makes this moment even more special. Their bromace is my absolute favorite part of the reboot. Anyway, the long and the short of it is, he was part of a task force working with the Mexican Police at the Rio Bravo station. The Zeta Cartel would send their men dressed up like soldiers to stop all the buses and kill everyone, including children, just so they wouldn’t work for another cartel. Long story short, Abbott caught a Zeta Commander heading out in a uniform, so he went up and shot him.

He certainly chose the right person to tell. Who could understand better than Jane? So now if Peterson comes clean, it can end Abbott’s AND Lena’s careers, as well as land Abbott in prison. But have no fear. Jane is figuring out a solution!

Jane Saves the Day!
Jane is convinced Korbell is about to run, so he tells Abbott to call the DEA to announce they’ve solved the case and to round up a group of ten agents he’s chosen after looking at three years of their ID pictures.

Vega boldly walks into Bill’s office, clears her throat, and tells him he’s under arrest.
Meanwhile, Jane has gathered up the agents and made them give up their guns, which Cho and Lisbon take away and pull out the cartridges. Jane goes headlong into his theory that improved appearance=confidence in awesome secret you’re keeping=mole, but Vega breaks it up to say Bill killed Gonzalez.

But yeah, you guessed it. FAKE-OUT. Cho, Lisbon, and Vega go to three agents and tell them they’re actually the one who killed Gonzalez. Then they get simultaneous phone calls and turn their backs on the agents. Cho hears a gunshot and turns around. It’s Orosco, but of course his gun is filled with blanks. Oops! A tackle and some punches to the face later, and Orosco is in custody. They found enough in his apartment to also arrest Korbell, who will roll over on the cartel.

Then when Bill threatens Abbott again, Jane says he knows Bill is hiding dirty money, and they’ll find it. That shuts him up. Abbott asks if he’s sure, and Jane’s smile says it all.

Patrick Jane’s Birthday!
Lisbon has already told everyone not to make a fuss, but she’s gotten him a gift, and they joke about whether she can keep it a secret for an entire day. Jane eventually writes down his guess and says Lisbon can’t look at it until the next day.

OMG! It’s his mug from the CBI that got broken! Lisbon saved the pieces and got it put back together good as new. You can tell by his expression, Jane is shocked, and on the little piece of paper is written I have no idea.

Oh, what a fantastic ending. Jane saved Abbott, and he had a beautiful, romantic birthday. It seems they’re doing the most with their limited last season. What do you think of the way they’re wrapping up the show?

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