Most Noble Sacrifice: Sure, we’ll miss REVENGE’s Daniel, but the fallout from his death has made this show more interesting than it’s been since Season 1.

Best Character: The moment EMPIRE’s Cookie strode out of prison, portrayer Taraji P. Henson immediately stole the show, helping make it the best pilot to hit the airwaves in years.

Best Prop: THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Rick took down the portrait of late patriarch Stephanie and replaced it with one of his mistress, Maya. That sound you heard? Jaws hitting the floor left and right.

Most Likely To Trigger Ugly Crying: If you didn’t weep through the silent opening moments of PARENTHOOD’s 100th episode, you might not be human.

Biggest Waste Of Time: Three hours of THE BACHELOR proved that you really can get too much of a not-so-great-to-begin-with thing.

Most Unique Twist: As THE GOOD WIFE’s Cary prepared himself for a seemingly inevitable stint behind bars, he hired a consultant who advised him on everything from who to befriend to how to eat in order to avoid glass being put in his food.

Most Hysterical Title: What to call the MINDY PROJECT episode in which guest star Ana Gasteyer uses her toes to bring Danny (who assumes it is his girlfriend) to climax under the table at an awkward dinner? “Getting Off On The Wrong Foot.”

Funniest Line From A Disgusting Human Being: VANDERPUMP RULES’ Jax proved it’s all about the pause when he said, “I’m like poison. But apparently, Vail wants poison… in her vagina.”

Biggest Bitch: You have to love DOWNTON ABBEY’s Lady Mary, especially when it comes to her endless disses toward her sibling. “Lady Edith,” she said this week, “choose to set fire to her room.”

Dead-On Casting Of The Week: HBO announced Matt Bomer will play Montgomery Clift in their upcoming biopic.

Best Reveal: After weeks of wondering what the heck the deal was with THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Sage, we finally found out that she was the secret wife of the dead man Adam was now posing as!

Least Necessary Addition: With the arrival of Neil Patrick Harris, AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAK SHOW took it’s annual detour away from the main plot and into Kitchen Sinkville, home of the throw-it-all-in burger.

Most Active Set: Suddenly, half the cast of GENERAL HOSPITAL is hanging out at that soap’s fictional prison, Pentonville!

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