GLEE Recap: “Loser Like Me” and “Homecoming”


Glee is back for it’s final season. And although I’ve been very open about my dislike and criticism of Glee over the last two seasons, I didn’t hate this episode. Now, was it the best? No. Was it the worst? Not by a long shot. Let’s get to this recap shall we.

Apparently, Rachel’s television show (titled: That’s So Rachel) was a huge failure. It was a live scripted show which sounds ridiculous then we got to see some of the pilot later in the episode it was confirmed that it was ridiculous. But it seemed like a much bigger failure on the studio and writer’s part then on Rachel’s but she took a huge hit as well. Rachel goes into hiding and when she comes out, she finds out her parents are getting a divorce and selling her childhood home.

We are then treated with how every other member of New Directions makes his or her way back to Lima. Blaine is the coach of the Warblers because when he and Kurt broke up, he started failing all of his NYADA classes. How this is possible when it looked like no one ever went to class in the previous seasons is beyond me. Sam is the Assistant football coach at McKinley. And Kurt, well Glee went full on nonsense with his reason. Evidently, one’s third year at NYADA is some sort of work-study program, allowing them to leave school and New York. Kurt was planning on going to Louisville but after not dealing with his breakup from Blaine well (which by the way Kurt initiated the break up) he goes back to Lima to get Blaine back.

Rachel goes to the Lima school board and convinces the superintendent to reinstate the Glee program but there’s a catch, he wants Rachel to lead it. Of course, she does and she asks Kurt for his help. Speaking of Kurt, he meets up with Blaine to tell him that he wants Blaine back. Blaine then drops a bombshell and says that he is dating someone and not just anyone, he’s dating Karofsky! To say Kurt doesn’t handle it well is an understatement because he sobs in the bathroom.

Mr. Schu visits Rachel in his old office (he is still the coach of Vocal Adrenaline) where she tells him, Broadway is still her dream… um, ok we can get on that train again. This episode ends with Rachel putting up a Glee sign-up sheet.

The second episode of this two hour premiere brings back other old Glee members and introduces us to the new gang. We get a whole new gang because we are suppose to believe that all the previous Glee club members (you know the kids that we spent 2 years kind of getting to know) have all transferred to other schools. Will we see them at another school for Sectionals or Regionals? No, because it would make too much sense the some would go to Vocal Adrenaline where Mr. Schu is. They probably left the state.

Anyways, back to the new kids, the first one we meet is Jane. Jane wants to join the Warblers and they are none too happy about a girl wanting to join their all guy group. The Warblers decide to let her at least audition before deciding. Blaine gets Jane in touch with Rachel to help her get ready and then she performs a showstopping number. One would think that she would make the team but no, the Warblers turn her down.

While that is happening, the original glee members attempt to recruit students to join. It doesn’t go well and while they are talking about it they hear a voice through the air vents and find Rodrick singing in the library. They convince Rodrick to audition and in turn join the Glee club, their first member. During the first Glee club meeting, Rachel is about to tell who the second member is when Blaine busts and accuses her of poaching Jane. Rachel says Jane came to her and by the flashback we saw, she is telling the truth. Jane didn’t want to forcible join a group (Blaine was threatening to quit unless the Warblers let her join) when they don’t really want her. The Holy Trinity was also able to get two recruits, twin (one boy and one girl) Cheerios. Of course the episode ends with a big group number of both the old and new New Direction members.

Song Grades:
Song One: “Uninvited” by Rachel – B+. This song was pretty fitting since Rachel appears to not be invited to the world of Hollywood.
Song Two: “Suddenly Seymour” – A. Probably the best song of the episode. It was perfectly used, Rachel and Blaine sounded great, and it wasn’t exactly like the original which is always a good thing
Song Three: “Sing” by the Warblers – C. It was a good cover but the Warblers dance, sing and look the same every performance.
Song Four: “Dance the Night Away” by Vocal Adrenaline – D. It was just okay and I’m not a fan of any VA performance since Jonathan Groff left them.
Song Five: “Let it Go” by Rachel – B. Rachel sounded great but it didn’t make much sense as a song choice other than the promotional push the show made for this song.
Song Six: “Take on Me” by Former Glee members – C-. Hated the sketch board thing during this song and why do the New Direction kids always think singing a song from the 80s that most of the students have never heard of will convince people to join the club?
Song Seven: “Tightrope” by Jane, A. Loved this performance! How did she not make it?
Song Eight: “Problem” by The Holy Trinity, B+. If I had to pick an Ariana Grande song it would be “Break Free” but this performance was good too. How good did Brittany sound? She got some vocal training during her time away.
Song Nine: “Mustang Sally” by Rodrick with the Holy Trinity – B+.
Song Ten: “Home” by everyone – B

Here’s the rundown of my thoughts/comments:
• Jane Lynch is the MVP of these two episodes.
• Kitty made an appearance and she is almost as good at nasty wit as Sue. Her “Flowers in the Attic” comment was priceless
• Mr. Schu’s kid is a red head! Emma’s parent are probably so happy! Also, where was Emma these two episodes and why was there no mention of her by Mr. Schu?
Homecoming may be the best excuse to bring back former members ever, hopefully they keep on this track.
• Why does everyone assume the gay football player can sing?!?
Quinn and Santana’s sex night is finally mentioned!!!! I was started to think I imagined it.
• Why did that idiot Warbler give Jane a thumbs up if she didn’t make them? Is he some sort of psychopath and Jane is part of his sick game?
• Santana should be the only Glee club member to rap. Ever.
• Did anyone else know they were the McKinley Titans..?

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