THE MENTALIST Recap: Our Top 5 Favorite Moments From “Little Yellow House”

mentalist little yellow house

This week it’s Lisbon family drama. Here are your MENTALIST Top Five Moments!

Lisbon’s brother, Material Witness, MIA!
We start off this week with a bang. The U.S. Attorney for the Northern District has come in to tell Lisbon her brother, James, is a material witness in the beating death of Nathan Barnes, son of Judge Jacqueline Barnes. Nathan is in the wind. She encourages Lisbon to get James to turn himself in, and Lisbon lies that she and her brother are close.

From her other brother, Stan, Lisbon finds out Jimmy is in Chicago, and Lisbon figures he’s at her parents’ old house. Lisbon has to admit she wants Jane to come with her, and Jane, holding his new/old tea cup (sigh), seems really pleased.

Lisbon’s Old House and Family Drama!
Jane reminds Lisbon he didn’t have a house when he was a kid, so he’s a bit envious she had one, even if it’s in severe need of repair. Poor Jane and his crappy circus dad. He’s also tickled to get a glimpse into Lisbon’s past. While he’s admiring Lisbon’s crayon wall colorings, he’s attacked by a guy who’s most definitely not Jimmy.

We also meet brother Stan, whose main job seems to be knocking up his wife. Jane seems suspicious, especially since Stan’s a contractor, and the parents’ house looks like a cyclone hit.

After encountering TJ, a guy Lisbon used to babysit for and Jane swiping his phone to see Jimmy called him that morning, TJ crumbles immediately and says Jimmy mentioned going fishing. Sure enough, they find him fishing. Why Jimmy would tell a jumpy guy like TJ where he was going when he didn’t want to be found, will forever be a mystery.

Lisbon family drama ensues before Jane sends Lisbon away and makes a deal with Jimmy that they’ll catch the killer, so he won’t have to testify. And if Jimmy comes along quietly, Jane won’t tell Lisbon why the attacker dude was really in the house. They have a deal.

The secret? Stan is in to a loan shark for 30K. That litter of kids ain’t cheap.

The Investigation!
Jimmy walks into the FBI and immediately hits on Vega. Then Lisbon questions him. He was at a poker game. Blah, blah blah, Lisbon family drama. The game was run by a guy named George Holiday, who is a major player in the Dallas Organized Crime world. Nathan was in debt to George to the tune of about 150K. Jane doesn’t think he killed Nathan but that someone at the poker game did. Do you all see where this is going?

Jane and Cho try to hook Holiday, but they do it the wrong way and just manage to piss him off.

Vega interrogates Charlie McInnis, who was at the poker game. Heidi, his fiancée, is out of his league, and she’s choked up about Nathan, so, ya know…

What’s the right way to get to Holiday? Lisbon in a tiny leather skirt and heels. Long story short, Jane plays her boyfriend who lost 27K at a poker game, and he gets into Holiday’s game. Jimmy hooks all of the original players by putting the word out Jane is a bad player. Jane is there to find out everyone’s tells.

Lisbon the psychic!
She’s getting so good at playing a psychic. She starts with the “Did somebody die in this room?” thing. Then she moves in for the kill with how someone in the room killed Nathan. Then the Coup de gras… “The killer is the one who has the ace.” Of course, since Jane dealt, everyone has an ace, so they’re all freaking out.

Solving the case!
From the player’s tells, they figure out it’s McInnis.

He thought Heidi was cheating on him, because he saw Nathan with one of his monogrammed shirts. Turns out, Nathan had coffee with Heidi and spilled some on his shirt, so she gave him one of McInnis’s. While Nathan was denying it right before he died, why didn’t he tell McInnis about the coffee? Seems this is the first time he’s hearing the story.

All’s well that ends well! Lisbon goes to Stan’s latest progeny’s christening/BBQ, her bros forgive her for not spending time with them/leaving them when they were just wee lads and promise to spend more time with each other in the future, and …Lisbon tells Jane she loves him! Woo hoo!

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  • John

    I really like how the Jane/Lisbon relationship has been handled this season. Jane is basically Jane, but he is more open and less guarded with Lisbon so you can believe they are in a real relationship.

    As to why Jimmy tells the guy where he will be is simple – he isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. And Stan is no genius either. Lisbon obviously got all the family brains and looks.

  • CJ Stevens

    I love how she told him straight up she wanted him to come with her. The walls keep coming down!