GLEE Recap: Jagged Little Tapestry

glee jagged little tapestry

Glee seems like it is back to its old goodness again.  These first few episodes have felt like we have the old Glee back.  This episode took on Carole King and Alanis Morissette.  The mash-ups were pretty great and while I felt that eventually they all started to sound to the same, Glee made it seem like King and Morissette should have always been mashed up.  The only thing I wished we had gotten this episode was more information about and getting to know the new kids more.  Hopefully, that will happen in the episodes to come.  Anyways, let’s dig in!

Kurt is shopping for sheet music and runs into Blaine and Dave and after some pretty thick awkwardness, they separate.  Kurt and Blaine then sing a song about their breakup and how difficult it is for them and maybe even how they miss each other.  This sparks Kurt into wanting a to do a breakup song week (we are back to the lesson of the week even though there was no actually lesson for the kids of the Glee, just for Kurt and Rachel).

Sam asks Coach Beiste why she has been missing practices lately (Sam has been running practices 2 times a week).  I don’t know about you all but I immediately assumed it was cancer or transitioning her sex.  And low and behold, both were mentioned in trying to figure out what is going on with her.  The new football player that we all assume will join the Glee club at some point (and whose name I cannot remember for the life of me) tells Sue about Beiste taking a lot of pills.  Sue then questions Beiste about them and asks her if she has cancer.  Beast says she does but then when Sue and Beiste get together to tell Sam, she says she doesn’t.  What?!?! Beiste finally tells the truth that she is transitioning to a male.  It was a pretty emotional and well acted scene.

After Santana and Brittany sing their mash-up Santana asks Brit to marry her.  Brittany says yes and then Kurt stands up in front of everyone and says they shouldn’t get married.  Apparently since Kurt and Blaine couldn’t make, no one can in Kurt’s mind.  Well that obviously doesn’t sit well with Santana who goes on a rant to Kurt about how maybe the reason he and Blaine didn’t work was because he is intolerable (it is a hilarious speech and I’ve watched it about 5 times already).

The last major storyline was Becky dating a boy that doesn’t have down syndrome and everyone questioning his intentions.  I was right on board with our Glee friends about Darryl (the boyfriend) but his speech about him wanting to date Becky and how everyone should except it was spot on and I see his point as well.  I just hope this doesn’t end tragically for Becky.

Song Grade Times:
Song One: “It’s Too Late” by Kurt and Blaine – B I approve of the song choice and they sounded good together
Song Two: “Hand in My Pocket/I Feel the Earth Move” – A+ My favorite number of the episode because these are my favorite songs from the artists.  Also, it has to be said again that Brittany’s singing has improved by 1000% and I would like the name of her vocal coach.
Song Three: “Head Over Feet/Will You Love Me Tomorrow” by Jane and Mason – B- These two sounded great together and I’m calling *new couple alert for them.  The performance was slightly boring because the numbers were all starting to sound alike at this point.
Song Four: “So Far Away” – No grade for this one since it wasn’t completed
Song Five: “You Learn/You’ve Got a Friend” – A Loved the mash-up and any song that Lea Michele sings on gets immensely better.

And now for the Rundown:
• Jane actually asked why the old members were still in Lima?! Doesn’t she know that we are just suppose to except these things without question even if they make absolutely no sense?!
• Seriously how did Heather Morris improve her singing voice so much?
• Anyone else paying attention to the fact that Lord Tubbington is always up to no good? I think he may kill Brittany before the end of Glee
• Best Line of the episode: “I had it removed because when I thought of you two having sex, I thought of a U-haul mounting a moped.” Brittany answering why Blaine and Dave’s bed was removed from their room.
• Blaine and Dave are moving in together? This relationship seems to be moving very quickly and Blaine doesn’t appear to be as all in as Dave
• What is with Kurt wearing a tiny scarf around his neck lately?
• Brittany was telling everyone how it is this week.  She told Kurt to move on and date someone else and Tina about how she makes everything about her.
• I really hope Kurt can stop with his bitterness and annoyingness soon
MVP of this episode: Tie between Jane Lynch and Heather Morris

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    Moving in together is a key moment for the couple because they’ll get to know each other better! Of course, the communication is their best bet.