THE MENTALIST Recap: Our Top 5 Favorite Moments From “The White of His Eyes”

mentalist the white of his eyes

This week begins with a killer view. Literally. Here are your Mentalist Top Five Moments!

Two FBI agent and a witness named Edward Hu, designated to testify in the murder trial of Kelvin Bittaker, are shot by a sniper on their way to court. Bittaker beat to death a graduate student, Jamie Owen, after a bar dispute gone wrong. Later, the sniper studies a picture of another woman. Target number two?

The Case!
Ken Spackman is on the case. He was last seen in Nothing But Blue Skies, not talking nice to Lisbon and pissing off Jane. Seems Kelvin’s family is involved in crime, so they’re betting Kelvin will sell out his family rather than get the needle.

There is another witness to the crime, a woman named Lily Stoppard, who I’m sure will be jumping at the chance to testify after hearing about this fiasco. Jane spots powdered sugar and pegs our sniper as a local boy and beignet lover. Spackman is skeptical, because I guess he has short-term memory loss. But he does remember Jane is charming and thus may be able to sway Lily to testify.

Unfortunately, we’re forced to see Owen’s beating in flashback, and it’s pretty horrific. Lily’s hubby is a hundred percent against her testifying, what with a baby at home. Jane appears to be on dad’s side, but at the end he asks if little Henry would want to hear mommy took an evil killer off the street or played it safe. Even Spackman’s impressed. But Jane makes it clear Lily had better make it through this.

One visit by Abbott to Bittaker lets him know Bittaker did not order the hit. He tells Cho to take Jane to visit the Crime Bittakers and figure out which one did.

The Bittakers!
Brother Ethan definitely didn’t get the brains in the family, but he’s hooked up to a nice IV. And look! It’s Mary Kay Place as Ma! Cho immediately accuses her of putting out the hit. She plays dumb, and Jane pays her a supreme compliment by telling her she’s a fabulous liar. Jane mocking of Ethan and his “attention issues” is pretty awesome. Youngest brother Caleb, “the one with the smarts,” plays video games in the back.

The game Caleb was playing was War Lord, and Jane figures that’s how he communicated with the hit man. The hit man would probably suck at the game. Wylie figures out one of the lowest-score players is a woman named Peg from Louisiana whose ex used to work as an enforcer for the Bittakers. The bad news is that Peg is lying dead on the couch as the sniper, Lydon, answers the door to Lisbon and Jane. Spackman goes in the back and finds dead Peg. Shooting ensues, and sniper gets away. Spackman is hit but okay.

Jane the Insomniac!
Jane, who’s usually more than secure with his plans, can’t sleep, because he’s convinced Lydon has a better one. Lisbon finally coaxes him back into bed, and over his protests, sings him a “lullabye” she used to sing to her brothers. Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi.

The Plan!
It’s testify day. The gang is in a hotel room with Lily. As Jane goes into the hallway, he encounters smoke, and the smoke alarm going off. He leaves and gets in the surveillance van with Wylie. As Jane predicts, Lydon comes in as an EMT, head shaven with a fake mustache. The team heads out, and Jane spots Lydon. Lisbon goes in search of him, but it’s not Lydon.

Back with team Lily, boom! Out go the lights. Lisbon is still running all over the place.

Lydon pretends he’s hit by….well…him, and a lone, expendable FBI agent gets bonked on the head, which is a lot better than what poor Peg had coming to her. One flash-bang later, and Lydon thinks he has Lily, only it’s Vega in a Lily wig. Cho shoots Lydon. Of course Jane’s plan worked.

Ma is unrepentant and condescending, even when Abbott comes in to gloat. Gloaty Abbott is adorable.

But we have a problem. Because Jane sent Lisbon on a wild goose chase in order to save her and says he’d do it again. Lisbon is right in that this could become a problem, since she’s an FBI agent, and danger kinda comes with the job.

Will our favorite couple work it out, like Jane says they can? With this being the last season, I’m going with “yes.”

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  • John

    I thought the picture the sniper looked at was of the witness Lily and not Lisbon.

    I understand Jane’s actions about diverting Lisbon, is wife and daughter were murdered and he was partly at fault. He doesn’t want a repeat. But Lisbon is right that it can’t go on if she is to do her job.

    I did like Jane’s answer that they will work it out. I agree they will, and on Lisbon’s terms.

  • CJ Stevens

    You’re right! Thanks!

    Yeah, I can see both sides. I think the theme for this season is all about Jane keeping Lisbon safe, to the point where he winds up pushing her away. It is understandable, and he will have to get over it. And yes, Lisbon will see to that.