Flashbacks! Drama! War! Sarah Rafferty Previews Tonight’s Return of SUITS

Sarah Rafferty courtesy of USA Networks
By: Monica Rose Gleberman

Sarah Rafferty, who plays, Donna Paulsen, on USA Networks Suits said fans should expect a mind-blowing set of flashbacks, drama, and war in the finale six episodes of the season.

The season begins with Mike working for investment banker Jonathan Sidwell, creating an awkward situation when a takeover battle for Gillis Industries pits Mike’s company against Pearson Specter client (and Rachel’s former boyfriend), Logan Sanders. Eventually and ultimately leading up to one of the greatest scenes, when Louis Litt (played by Rick Hoffman) finds out that for years Donna has been lying to him and that Mike is a fraud.
Rafferty: We really have gotten to understand Donna and Louis’s relationship over the years and especially this season when Donna talked Louis into being in a play with her. The thing that I love is that our writers give us so much heart. Its a fun idea to have Donna and Louis do a play together…she shares these experiences with Louis and that is how they got close.

So now what is going to happen to Louis and Donna?
Rafferty: Well you are going to see something amazing in season four, a great plot point that is another amazing side to Donna that was really fun to play. When we get into that finale scene between them they have so much to lose. They are both stuck. They are both right. Louis has been desperately betrayed but what was Donna going to do…everyone who gets this information is now culpable.

Coming into the new episodes you are going to see a huge shift of course because Louis is on a warpath. When we come back, we are coming back moments later. So, the writers haven’t hide away from dealing with it. Louis is something to be wrecked with and that has a ripple effect, it’s going to affect everyone at the firm. For Louis and Donna there is going to have to be a lot of ground to be covered if there is going to be any healing.

I know you have mentioned there is a nice plot point for Donna coming up this season. What else can we expect?
Rafferty: Something I get super excited about is when we do flashbacks. So there are going to be some flashbacks coming up in the next few episodes. I am not sure how you feel about them, but I love it and it adds so many layers onto the characters.

I love the flashbacks. Speaking of that, I interviewed you prior to the one airing with you and Harvey (played by Gabriel Macht) and everyone was telling me that you two were never going to be or have been an item and then all of the sudden, you are.
Rafferty: Neither did I [laughs]. The 10-year flashback where there was whip cream and we finally do it, both of us were like ‘oh, we have been playing all along that we didn’t.’ That episode was called “The Other Time” and it’s referring to the fight Donna and Harvey have in a previous season on the street when he is trying to get her back to the firm.

When she first sees him on the street she says something like ‘wow you’ve been to my apartment two times. The god-awful dinner party and the other time, I had put it in my head that something almost happened. I made up this whole thing in my head and then there is an episode “The Other Time” which was the deed.

So for the remaining six episodes we can expect a warpath from Louis, flashbacks, fighting, disarray, and disruption – what else should fans expect?
Rafferty: The writers have a great way of keeping their options open so down the line they can turn right or they can turn left. We are always surprised. We need to plan a post mortem after the season finale this year because I think there will be something to talk about. With this revelation there is a shift in the world order at the firm and something very dynamic that happens in Donna’s life that I enjoyed playing and then you got to hang out for that finale…it’s going exciting and it’s going to punch you in the gut.

Watch Suits airing tonight at 10 p.m. EST on USA. Photo Courtesy of USA Networks

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