THE ORIGINALS Recap: Brotherhood of the Damned


This week’s episode of THE ORIGINALS picks up pretty much where we left off last week. The vamps are still trapped at the Mikaelson’s, Klaus is searching for Finn and Elijah is still with Cami in the safe house. This episode was very Marcel-centric and it’s not that I didn’t like that, I just think any episode where an Original isn’t the focus isn’t as good as episodes that do. But I digress so let’s dig in!

Klaus is still searching for Finn in hopes of forcing him to release the vamps. The vamps are getting increasingly hungry and to make matters worse, Marcel was bit by a werewolf. Klaus must work faster in order to save Marcel so he enlists Davina to help him locate Finn. It’s finally brought up that Finn is channeling the Mikaelson parents. While Davina can’t 100% locate Finn, she can see that he is performing a spell but what spell? We’ll get to that in a little.

Marcel is starting to hallucinate because of the wolf bite and we are transported to Marcel in World War 1 (year 1918). We are shown Marcel in battle and how one of his soldier buddy knows that something is not right with Marcel as he continues to get shot but doesn’t die. Marcel eventually becomes leader of the “Brotherhood of the Damned” (which is what their troop is called) and when it looks like the whole troop will die, Marcel turns them into vampires. These flashbacks play over Marcel trying to convince his current troop of vampires to stay strong and not kill the parade of people outside when the spell is lifted. Finn has elected to lift the spell right at sundown in hopes that the vampires will feast on the locals and ruin the home Klaus and Marcel have built for themselves.

Meanwhile, remember that spell I mentioned Finn performing? Well, that spell actually made his brothers pass out and transport their minds to a witch’s “hunting room.” This room allows Finn to be in complete control because he can easy define his brother’s personalities (ie Elijah the loyal stag and Klaus the big, bad wolf). After Finn sends Kol back (because it definitely seems like his character is nearing the end), he starts to interrogate Klaus and Elijah. Finn deduces that Klaus is hiding something because he doesn’t seem to care about anything else so Finn knows that there is a bigger secret looming over Klaus, you know… Hope!

In an effort to distract Finn, Elijah starts to talk about this hunting room they are in and how Finn has defined Elijah wrong. Elijah says that he is not the loyal stag because he has kept a huge secret from Klaus. That secret being killing Tatia. But Finn fools them again because he says that Elijah telling the truth in fact proves that he is a loyal stag. Klaus is the one that breaks Finns spell because he goes against his supposed nature and forgives Elijah outright. Spell broken and our Orignals are back in their bodies and Klaus wants to find Marcel and their vamps to make sure they didn’t hurt anyone and that Marcel is alive.

If you’re wondering where Hayley’s been this whole episode, she went off with Jackson to his grandmother’s to prepare for their wedding and unification (the wedding takes place in 10 days). There is only one problem with the pre-wedding ceremony and that’s the truth cleanse part. Hayley doesn’t want to take part in that because one would assume she doesn’t want to tell the truth about Hope. When Klaus hears about this he is none too pleased that Hayley could divulge his secrets and takes off into the woods to stop her. How did Klaus find out about the truth cleanse? From Aiden who meets Klaus at Marcel’s where the vamps and Marcel are missing. Finn showed up and wants to use Marcel to figure out Klaus’ secret and somehow takes them all from their home. It doesn’t look like the secret of Hope being alive is going to last for long.

Now for the rundown:
• I’m really loving the Cami and Elijah scenes. I hope the writers eventually find more for Cami to do.
• While the Marcel flashbacks were interesting, I’m not that interested in Marcel’s past that doesn’t involve Rebekah
• Where was Rebekah?!?
• Jackson is really good at giving heart-melting speeches. If it weren’t for Elijah, I would truly want Hayley to end up with this guy
• Edna (from Everwood) is Jackson’s grandmother!
• I’m just not feeling the Davina and Kol relationship. I’m ready for one if not both to meet their end on the show
• Anyone else seeing a new couple alert in Marcel and Gia?

Sound off below and let everyone know what you thought of the episode.

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