Go Behind the Lens with SUITS Star Patrick J. Adams

By: Monica Rose Gleberman

The USA Network announced that they would be teaming up with Patrick J. Adams, who plays Mike Ross on SUITS to display a behind-the-scenes photography exhibit of pictures Adams has taken since initially landing the role of Ross.

The exhibit, “Behind The Lens: An Intimate Look At The World Of SUITS,” featured hundreds of photos that allowed fans to feel a little bit closer to the show. In a book given out at the event, Adams said that after almost five years he is “returning to New York with the great honor of presenting my photography that now spans 60 episodes of SUITS.”

A selection of photos will be available online for bid at Charitybuzz.com to support the Pablove Shutterbugs program, that supports pediatric cancer.

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At the event, Adams couldn’t believe the crowd as hundreds poured in to view his original photography. “It’s amazing. I have never done this before so I have nothing to compare it to, I feel like I am being a little bit spoiled. I feel like artists don’t normally get this kind of roll out so it’s amazing to have this incredible network behind me. I am just so grateful,” said Adams.

Adams displayed photos of all his cast mates in pieces such as: Gabriel in Director’s Chair, Litt Up, Lunch Break, and Skylight. Adams also included two digital screens that added an additional dimension to the space bringing a 3D-like atmosphere making his own exhibit a piece of art.

“It’s so weird, but I feel really proud of this work and I feel like ultimately did very little. I am more excited to share these moments because it didn’t take a lot of work for me to do and yet I don’t feel like an ownership of these things. I am thankful that my cast allowed me to take these photos and share them with everyone. I hope people enjoy them and they get to see a part of SUITS that they have never experienced before.”

Check out photos from the exhibit below and tune in for the return of Season four of SUITS tonight at 10pm EST on the USA Network.

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Photo Credits: Monica Gleberman

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