Paola Andino Previews Tonight’s EVERY WITCH WAY Season Finale


Paola Andino stars as Emma Alonso on EVERY WITCH WAY, which wraps it’s second season tonight on Nickelodeon.  I caught up with the young actress about her favorite moments from this season, who she thinks Emma will pick, Jax or Daniel, and what shows she’s loving right now.
What can you tell us about the season finale?
Paola Andino: Tonight’s season finale is going end in a completely unexpected way. The fans have been voting on and on Twitter as to whether Emma should end up with Jax or Daniel. I’m excited to see who they’ve been voting for the most. As for the rest of the 1-hour special, there will be many different action-packed situations going on at once. Fans can expect to be on the edge of their seat the whole time. 
What has been your favorite memory from EWW this season?
It’s difficult to pick just one favorite memory from EWW this season because I enjoyed filming so much. One favorite would have to be a variety of scenes that were filmed with the majority of the cast. It becomes a bit harder to shoot with so many people on set but we share so many laughs in between takes.
Who do you think Emma should choose, Jax (Rahart Adams) or Daniel (Nick Merico)?  
I have reasons as to why Emma should pick both…for now I’m leaning more towards one boy over the other but I don’t want the fans to be influenced by my opinion. If she ends up with Daniel, it’s because of their history and his tremendous efforts to understand her crazy lifestyle as a witch. If Emma ends up with Jax, it’s due to how much he’s always been by her side, supporting and understanding the aspects of their personalities they have in common. 
What will Mia (Elizabeth Elias) decide to do?  Do you think she could really do something to hurt Emma?
It could go either way with what Mia decides to do. In a sneak peek of tonight’s finale from and the nick app, the fans can see that it appears that Mia is going to let Emma be attacked by zombies. When Daniel suffered from the Spider Seal, Mia took it off of him. We’ll have to find out if she’s as compassionate in this situation because Mia’s been working the whole season to get revenge on witches. 
What shows are you loving on TV right now?  Any shows you would love to guest on if you got the chance?
I have loved THE WALKING DEAD since day one so guest starring in an episode or two would be crazy for me. If I got the chance, I would also love to be on the CW’s, JANE THE VIRGIN. It’s funny because I haven’t had the time to actually watch the show yet. From what I’ve heard of it, I would really love the series though. Working with a fellow Puerto Rican and Golden Globe winner, Gina Rodriguez would be amazing. I really look forward to binge-watching the first season. 
You can watch Paola in the season finale of EVERY WITCH WAY tonight on Nickeodeon.

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  • Aaron

    I hope every witch way has a season 4

  • Beth

    Will emma’s Dad get married and and have a novae baby sister or brother that be great to watch and see

  • Rachel

    Will Emma’s Dad ever get married and have another baby girl or a boy. That be nice to see on TV.

  • David Conway

    this,s is my last season to watch nickelodeon