We Shine the Spotlight on SHAMELESS Newcomer Luca Oriel

luca oriel

Everyone’s favorite dysfunctional family is back this week with all new drama and a fresh new face. SHAMELESS welcomes Luca Oriel as Debbie’s (Emma Kennney) love interest.  I caught up with the young actor about his new role, his character, Derek, and what we can look forward to this week on the show. 

Were you a fan of SHAMELESS before you joined the show this season?
Indeed I was and still am a fan.  I’ve watched it since the pilot so getting to work on the show has been a dream come true.
Are there any scenes you are excited for the fans to see this season that feature Debbie and Derek?
There are quite a few scenes I’m excited for the fans to see, but I can’t really speak about them so you’ll have to stay tuned to see how Debbie and Derek’s relationship develops!
What can you tell us about Derek?  Do you think he’s a good fit for Debbie?
Derek is an MMA fighter, a tough kid, but he is also very respectful and has a good heart.  I feel he’s a good fit for Debbie because they’re both around the same age and he isn’t trying to take advantage of her.  He genuinely accepts her and her family for who they are and at the end of the day he wants the same in return.
What can you tell us about this week’s episode?
My character Derek is introduced in this week’s episode.   Debbie and Derek meet for the first time and let’s just say he kind of saves the day for her.
Which SHAMELESS character are you most excited to learn more about this season?  Whose storyline has been your favorite so far?
Debbie and Derek’s of course!  Not to be biased since I mostly worked with Emma Kenney, but I’ve always felt that Debbie is the emotional heart of the family and I’ve always been interested to see where her storylines go.  So far, Debbie is starting to mature from a little girl to a young woman and is going through all those emotions and uncomfortable situations that are very relatable and real.  I feel that the young fans will really connect with what she goes through this season.
Aside from SHAMELESS what shows are you loving on TV right now?
I’m a big fan of RAY DONOVAN, another show with a crazy messed up family dynamic. I love Jon Voight as Mickey; he’s a horrible father and human being, yet he’s so charming and smooth.  Right now, I’m anxiously waiting for Season 3 of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK and I can never pass up IMPRACTICAL JOKERS.
You can watch Luca on SHAMELESS Sundays at 9:00 EST on Showtime.

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