Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with OPEN HEART Star Mena Massoud

Mena Massoud

OPEN HEART follows Dylan (Karis Cameron) a sixteen year old who is pained by her fathers sudden disappearance, she acts out and has to serve community service at Open Heart Hospital.  Dylan decides to take matters into her own hands and investigate her fathers disappearance, all while dealing with the fact that her grandparents and mother are all doctors at Open Heart.   I caught up with one of the young stars of the  Canadian hit, Mena Massoud about his character Jared, how his audition went, and some scenes he’s excited for viewers to see. 

What drew you to this role? How was your audition?
Mena Massoud: The same producers of DEGRASSI, a new Canadian original series, exceptional writing, along with many other reasons.  Jared is someone who’s responsible, organized, motivated and deep down inside has a lot of love to share. He’s just a very complex character, with a lot more going on than meets the eye – and I love that.

My audition was fun and exciting. The casting director for the show is one of the best in Toronto and I was just very excited to audition for her and show her what I could do – something I hope to keep doing throughout my career given the opportunity. Because I am just starting out full-time in the industry I see auditions as a way to show people what I can do as an actor – it’s not necessarily about booking that specific role. Having said that, I really wanted this one and I think the connection between Jared and I was evident throughout the audition process.

What can you tell us about your character, Jared?
I think he’s a very complex character, as people are in life. He has a lot going on and though that might not all be evident at first glance, it will become more and more clear as his story evolves. From what I’ve been hearing and seeing, a lot of people already hate Jared but I think he’s going to surprise them. He’s actually a good guy. He might actually be the nicest guy on the show.

What is one scene you’re really excited for people to see this season on the show? 
The closet scene with Karis had a close place to my heart because we had just done it so many times. We did it in the auditions and rehearsals and then when we shot it. But there’s also a physical scene in the next coming episodes that I’m excited for people to see.

If you could put Jared on any other how on the air right now what show would it be? 
I feel like Jared is a very secretive guy. Sometimes I think he actually has more secrets than anyone else on the show. So, with that thinking, wouldn’t HANNIBAL just be so exciting?

What can we look forward to on this week’s episode?
Relationships get real. This show as a whole is going to get very, very exciting. Just you wait. 
You can watch OPEN HEART tonight at 9:00 on TeenNick or on YTV in Canada. Photo Credit: David Leyes

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