Our Top 5 TV Characters in Desperate Need of a Little (or a Lotta) Love


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, meaning it’s the time for love. When I think of love, I don’t always immediately think of our favorite couples. Sometimes I think of our favorite characters who may not have love in their lives but damnit, deserve it. So without further ado, here is our top 5 list of television characters that need love in their lives!

Klaus, The Originals
I completely get that The Originals is different then The Vampire Diaries and it’s not all about the romantic relationships of the main characters. It just seems like Klaus thinks he doesn’t deserve love or that feeling love will make him weak. This makes me want to give him a big hug and say that everyone (even a murderer like him) deserves love. Plus, how much longer can the writers ignore the fact that Cami and Klaus have so much chemistry that it oozes out of every viewers’ TV. Klaus protects Cami at every turn so why do all that if he’s not going to get the payoff of some loving..?

Regina, Once Upon a Time
Even an Evil Queen deserves love in her life. Regina has really worked hard at being “good” (even with Emma being super annoying 90% of the time). When she met Robin Hood, I was so ecstatic for her but I knew it obviously wouldn’t last since this is a television show. Who wasn’t heartbroken when Regina let Robin go with the mother of his child even though she loves him. Whenever OUAT comes back can we please just let Regina be happy.

Liv, Law & Order: SVU
Liv has been through so much, 15 + seasons on a show about “especially heinous” crimes will do that to a character and all I want for her is happiness. She has Noah but now she needs someone that can support her. I know all you fans may still be holding out for Liv and Elliot but I think AD Barba may be just the man for her (you heard it here first).

Elizabeth Keen, The Blacklist
Tom was horrible and potentially could have ruined Lizzie for any future relationship. Lizzie definitely has a lot going on but love needs to be a priority for her. Tom and Red shouldn’t be able to dictate how she lives her life. I for one believe that her and Agent Ressler would be great together and I think eventually the show will work in a relationship for them.

Arizona, Grey’s Anatomy
I’ve already written about how I think it’s okay that Callie and Arizona aren’t together but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want Arizona to have someone. Callie may not be the right choice for Arizona but there is someone out that is and I hope Grey’s introduces a new character (or bring Dr. Boswell back) for Arizona to start up a relationship with. Arizona seems very lost and once she finds herself, which it seems like she is on her way to doing, she will be able to truly know what kind of person she wants to be with.

Honorable Mention
Caroline from The Vampire Diaries was going to be on this list but last night’s episode forced me to remove her. I may not think Stefan is the right choice for her but I wanted love for Caroline and that is what I got.

Who do you wish love for this Valentine’s Day? Sound off below!

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    Liv and Barba …No….just… No….. Barba couldn’t be farther from Liv’s type going by past relationships and how they interact on the show…
    You can’t go by Mariska’s real life friendships, in which she befriends everyone….