THE ORIGINALS Speculation: What is Baby Hope?


In last week’s episode of The Originals, Hope appeared to heal rather quickly and prevent a car from running.  I couldn’t even write a recap of that episode because I was so confused about what this could mean for Hope.  What I was prompted to write based on this episode, was me trying to figure out what Hope could be.  So here are the guesses of what type of Supernatural being baby Hope could be.

Putting aside last week’s episode, a werewolf would seem like the logical guess.  Hope is the product of a werewolf and a hybrid (which is a half vampire & half werewolf).  That would make Hope 2/3rds werewolf.  I’m not one to put any mixed species into just one box but if I was forced to put Hope in one box (and I appear to be forcing myself by writing this post) then I would have put her in the wolf box.  Now, if we factor in last week’s episode then Hope being a werewolf is probably the likely choice.

I honestly didn’t think vampire was going to be an option.  Yes, Klaus is part vampire but he’s 100% hybrid.  Vampire didn’t even make it into the running until Hope healed herself.  Now, this could definitely be a hybrid trait but we need to add vampire into the race if only for the fact that she is a descent of the “original” vampire family.

Hope is also the granddaughter to the most powerful witch ever.  Oh also, Hope prevented a car from running!  I’ve never known a vampire or werewolf to do that without using some brute strength.  Hope stopped the car without using any of her baby strength.  Hope had to have used her mind or magic, that can be the only explanation, right?

Hope being a hybrid would seem to be the most probable answer.  But what type of hybrid is she?  It’s been said that once a witch becomes a vampire then their magic goes away.  So there’s no way that Hope could be vampire and witch..?  But doesn’t it seem like that is exactly what she is, she heals quickly (vampire) and can prevent cars from moving with just her mind (witch).  Could she even be a half hybrid, half witch?  Which would make her a double hybrid…

I think it’s safe to say that whatever Hope is, the writers are going to draw this out for some time, I mean she is just a baby.  Hope hasn’t even completely formed as a person yet so her power will probably increase everyday.  Could Hope take over for Klaus at being the most powerful being on the planet?  

I for one can’t wait to see what else the addition of Hope will bring to this show.  What do you think Hope could be?  Witch, Hybrid, something else that doesn’t even have a name yet?  Sound off below and let us know what you think.

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  • brad

    Later on when the writers
    determine hope’s nature they will phantom a character that can match her
    abilities, but of cos that what the audience wants!

    One thing
    is certain hope is definitely the strongest character, and she is growing
    faster than expected. She already has exhibited healing and telekinesis. Soon
    she will bring a new set of chaos in the story line, but whatever she brings we
    will be trilled. Anyway, were are the demons in this story? Every good one has
    them! Certainly hope’s enemies might come from a more spiritual angle.