THE ORIGINALS Recap: “I Love You, Goodbye”

the originals i love you goodbye

While I was so hoping for more information about baby Hope that we didn’t get, we did get to witness the unification, or um.. wedding of Jackson and Hayley. We also got an Elijah single tear cry (which always get me), some sibling arguments and of course a death. Let’s dig in!

Cami is looking for a payphone after she saw the safe house blow up but bumps into Elijah and they make their way back to New Orleans just in time for Hayley’s wedding. Speaking of Hayley’s wedding, Klaus gives Jackson a wedding gift. That gift would be a bag full of werewolf Alphas heads who wouldn’t pledge their loyalty to Jackson. Klau honestly just gives the best gifts.

Klaus’ gift for Hayley is slightly better and that would be Hope! With the return of Hope for Hayley’s wedding also means the return of Elijah which means they are going to have a talk about their relationship but more on that later because first Elijah must have a talk with Klaus. Klaus noticed the way that Elijah looked at Hayley and tells Elijah that he won’t allow Elijah to stop this wedding. Klaus wants Elijah to put his feelings aside and realize that this is what’s best for the family. Elijah hints that he knows that Klaus has a bigger plan but either hasn’t figured it out yet or is too concerned with Hayley to say something at that time.

Elijah goes to Hayley and attempts to tell her how he feels but she stops him. She tells him that when she first met him, she felt everything and let him know how she felt but he never said anything about how he was feeling. Jackson is the kind of guy that talks about his feelings (I knew those epic love speeches were going to sway Hayley) and that’s what Hayley wants. Elijah cries one single tear and leaves. But returns for the wedding where Hayley passed along her trait of turning when she wants to her pack! The wolves are super wolves now.

After the wedding Elijah confronts Klaus because he knows that Klaus plans on killing Jackson now that the unification is complete. Elijah says some pretty low blows to Klaus, what is with everyone being so mean to Klaus, it’s not like he has ever done anything to… oh yeah. Anyway, to get back at Elijah for preventing him from killing Jackson, he invites Hayley and Jackson to live at the Mikaelson home. Klaus also introduces the pack of wolves and vamps (who also attended the wedding) to Hope and tells them they must protect her now.

What else happened this episode, well Kol died. I’d say this was a huge development or a shocking death (like many other recappers are) but it’s not, not even a little. We all knew Kol was going to die. Firstly, the actor that played Kol was a guest star and The Originals writers (along with The Vampire Diaries writers) interpret guest star as victim of a murder. And secondly, Finn cursed Kol to die. Those two things equally not shocking. It was sad however to see the Mikaelson children cry over his death. I just happened to not be sad because Kol has already died and he is pretty horrible in the not redeeming type of way.

The last development was interesting, Finn/Vincent did die after the house explosion but Freya brought Finn back to life. They then start talking about their Aunt Dahlia and how Klaus and the others can’t hide Hope from her because Hope’s magic will draw her to Hope. No, stay away from baby Hope!

The rundown:
• Seeing new body Rebekah talking to Hayley makes me miss Claire Holt and Phoebe Tonkin bonding
• Why has there been so little of Cami these last few episodes!?!
• Does it make me a horrible person to be happy over the fact that since Kol is dead, we won’t have to see anymore of his “relationship” with Davina..?
• Jackson is too good of a person to be on this show. I mean, he actually thought Klaus was being nice when Klaus brought the bag of heads as a gift when really Klaus threaten his life right in his face
• Aiden and Josh that most adorable thing ever. I swooned when Aiden sat next to Josh at the wedding and not the wolves. Please let nothing happen to either of them!
• I may be wrong but I believe Hayley and Jackson’s wedding kiss was their first on-screen kiss
• The writers found a nice way to keep Rebekah in her current body with her pledging not to leave her witch body until she finds a way to bring Kol back (which they all think they can with him dying a witch and all)
• Marcel appeared to know that the new body Rebekah is in fact Rebekah .. I see Gia getting very jealous soon

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