THE ORIGINALS Recap: “They All Asked For You”


The Originals returned this week and the episode was okay. I think what is unfortunate about this show is that when an episode is really good it goes into the epic category so when an episode is just good it can feel underwhelming. That’s a testament to how good this show can be and this weeks episode would not rank in my top 10 episodes of this season. While this may not have been the best episode there were still some developments so let’s dig in!

The episode begins with Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah all on a conference call and chatting about Elijah moving out which Kalus doesn’t seem too pleased with. When the call ends, Rebekah is chased by two very intimidating men. The men turn out to be witches and do the “headache spell” on Rebekah until Marcel shows up and saves her. He apparently knows that Rebekah is back and in another person’s body.

After the sibling conference call, Klaus tells Jackson that he needs to send the wolves in search of Finn. Jackson of course says no that the wolves only focus is protecting Hope plus he doesn’t take orders from Klaus. He does however do whatever Hayley says because when she agrees with Klaus, Jack sends the wolves.

Rebekah is safe at Marcel’s place but he says that Rebekah’s host body must be in trouble with the witches in town which is why they are hunting her. Elijah wants to talk to whoever is in charge to convince them to leave Rebekah alone. That person would be an old witch named Josephine. While Elijah (who enlist Gia for help) go talk to Joe, Marcel asks some guy to come over who can help figure out who Rebekah’s host is by using tea leaves. The tea leaves man does figure out who the host is because he already does and he poisons Marcel and Rebekah. Why you ask? Because the host’s name is Eva Sinclair and she is just awful. She kills witch children by taking their power from them. Rebekah is able to quickly take an antidote because if you live for over 1000 years, you probably know the antidote to most poisons.

Meanwhile, Elijah and Gia convince Josephine to release Eva into their custody. Josephine does ask for one thing in return for them to return Vincent and remove Finn from his body. Elijah knows that Klaus is working on a plan to kill Finn and arrives at the perfect time to stop Klaus from finishing Vincent off. Now they just need to figure out how to remove Finn from Vincent, well Freya takes care of that. She does some sort of spell and Vincent is back to himself but where did Finn go?

Freya then tells her brothers that they all must work together because if she is awake then so is Dahlia and she will come for Hope. Freya knows how to defeat Dahlia but needs to the appropriate materials which Mikael is off to get. Yes, Freya woke up Mikael and their reunion was beautiful. I want to trust Freya because she does seem like a victim of horrible circumstances but it can’t be that easy to kill Dahlia and are we ever going to figure out how Freya is so powerful or why she is cursed to sleep for 1000 years at time? So many questions and I want all the answers.

As I’m writing this recap, I’ve decided this episode wasn’t that great because there wasn’t enough Klaus. All Klaus did this episode was try to kill Finn and then manipulate Aiden into getting the wolves to have vote for Alpha and they will hopefully choose Aiden. More Klaus please!

Time for the rundown, where a new potential couple will be mentioned:
• Elijah and Gia kissed and much, much more. Is this a one night thing or could they be good for each other?
• Hayley also did much, much more with Jackson. Is this the end of Hayley and Elijah?
• Did it seem like Hayley only slept with Jack because he got the baby to stop crying to anyone else?
• Where was Cami?!?! Please give her more to do and don’t turn her into the Matt Donovan of The Originals. Leah Pipes deserves more than that.
• While the Freya/Mikael reunion was heartwarming, I would love a Freya/Esther reunion and see Esther try to defend herself.
• The preview for next week indicates that Eva is somehow trying to control of her body again and is succeeding slightly. How come that never happened with Finn or Kol?

Sound off below with your thoughts on this weeks episode.

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