We Shine the Spotlight on RICHIE RICH Star Jake Brennan


Jake Brennan stars in the Netflix reboot, RICHIE RICH. Much like the 90’s film, the series is centered on kid- millionaire Richie (Jake Brennan) who moves into a mega-mansion and gets into some trouble with his new friends.  I caught up with the talented young actor about his character, Richie, what we can look forward to in the Pilot, and what we can look forward to in later episodes. 
Were you a fan of the Richie Rich movie from the 90’s? 
Oh yeah!  Who wouldn’t love the idea of having all of those great toys?  I love Macaulay Culkin in it.  I think I got my first acting bug after watching him in the movie, My Girl.  He and Anna Chlumsky were amazing. 

What can you tell us about your character Richie?  How was your audition for the role?
This Richie keeps getting in trouble. He has never had money before, so he has a hard time doing the right thing when money can make things so much easier.  I originally auditioned for a web series called Richie Rich.  They were filming two full episodes a week during the summer.  My agent said it would be the best multi-cam camp ever.  After learning over eighty pages a week for months, my memory is awesome and I got all A’s on my last report card.
What can you tell us about the Pilot episode?
It was directed by Phil Lewis. He is the best director I have ever worked with.  He took the time to explain everything to us, from an actors point of view.  I think it saved everyone a lot of time in the long run because we understood exactly what the producers and cameramen needed from us.
What episode or scenes are you most excited to see?
The superhero episode from next season.  The costumes and secret lair are so cool!

What shows are you loving on TV right now?
I love watching MODERN FAMILY, THE MIDDLE, and BLACK-ISH. My all time favorite is 3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN.  I’ve seen every episode.  John Lithgow is genius!

If you could put Richie on any other TV show-what would it be?
I think a JESSIE crossover on The Disney Channel would be been really funny.
You can watch Jake on the Netflix original series RICHIE RICH, now streaming online.

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