Goodbye GLEE: We Rank Our Top 5 Performances


Glee is airing its final episode tonight and I think this show deserves a little reflection. I’ve been very open about my disappointed in Glee (Exhibit A) and the free fall of its ratings prove that something went wrong with this show. But it needs to be said that this show is a success based on the fact that it has lasted 6 seasons and that it even aired to begin with. Who would have thought, a show where a bunch of high schoolers burst into song and get slushied in the face would work? I would have never guessed that and I wouldn’t have put my money on Glee lasting even two seasons. But here we are 6 seasons in and that is pretty incredible.

If this show was able to inspire even one underdog that they can do big things and dreams are attainable or convinced someone to join a Choir, then job well done. This show provided the Millennial generation with different types of music and if some of them end up loving musicals because of this then I’m happy (as a huge musical fan).

Look there were a lot of bizarre storylines and continuity errors for days when it comes to Glee but man if those songs aren’t catching. So for your enjoyment, I have listed the top 5 performances on Glee:

1. Don’t Stop Believin – Regionals Version, Full Cast

2. Like a Virgin, Full Cast

3. Valerie, Full Cast

4. Maybe This Time (Rachel and April Rhodes) & I Dreamed A Dream (Rachel and Shelby Corcoran)

5. Someone Like You/Rumor Has It, Treblemakers

Honorable Mention:
7. I Feel Pretty/Unpretty, Rachel and Quinn
8. Smooth Criminal, Santana and Sebastian Smythe

How can you watch those performances and not see that Glee had magic or some spark throughout its 6 season run? I will miss Glee; I’ll miss it for the anger it made me have while watching, for the incredible singing we were provided on a weekly basis and for watching a bunch of underdogs follow their dreams.

Sound off below on your thoughts on the ending of Glee and your choices for favorite performances.

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  • Tri Au Na

    I really think Imagine should be in the top five at least, if not then top ten.