We Shine the Spotlight on SATISFACTION Star Stephanie Szostak

Stephanie Szostak

Stephanie Szostak stars opposite Matt Passmore in the steamy USA drama SATISFACTION.  Szostak plays Grace, a strong, powerful, mother and wife with a dirty secret.  Over the course of season one we got to see Grace’s secret unravel before her eyes and watch her roller coaster of a marriage.  With season two just around the corner I caught up with Szostak about Neil and Grace’s marriage, seeing more of Simon, and what we can look forward to in season two.
There have been so many intense scenes between Grace and Neil.  Are there any that stand out to you as your favorite?  How are shooting those scenes with Matt?
My favorite scene between Neil and Grace was in the second episode of season 1.  It was filmed in Neil and Grace’s bedroom.  He asks her, “Would you lie to me if you knew something would really hurt me?” to which she says “It depends…if I thought you needed to know.” then she goes off to the living room to text Simon, and you see Neil’s face as he sees the text, the pain on his face in that moment.  Matt is a professional and very passionate about his craft so those types of scenes are right up his wheelhouse.  I feel very lucky to work with him!

?How do you think it will be next season for Grace and Neil?  Do you think they can fix their marriage?
I think next season will bring a lot of challenges to their marriage.  The truth is going to be revealed, so I think Neil and Grace will need some space from each other in order to process everything.  Yet, I hope they can fix their marriage.  I think they really love each other.  Is their love strong enough for them to forgive each other?  Will their love grow stronger or will it break them apart?? 

Will we see some more of Simon (Blair Redford) next season?  Do you think that would be good for Grace?
Oh I am sure we will see a lot more of Simon!  I heard we will delve deeper into the world of escorts and explore what women and men get out of it.  As for Grace, I think she needs to stay far away from that man!

?What else can we look forward to in season two?
A sexier, more provocative version of what the show was last year.  A faster pace with big story twists and exciting surprises!
Aside from SATISFACTION, what shows are you loving on TV right now? 
There are so many good TV shows right now.  The ones I’m currently watching are EPISODES (I love this show, check it out if you haven’t!), TOGETHERNESS, THE AFFAIR, HOUSE OF CARDS, and I hope Larry David brings back another season of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM.
You can watch Stephanie in the second season of SATISFACTION when it returns this summer on USA Network.

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