BONES Redux: Our Top 5 Moments From “The Eye in the Sky”


Hey, Bones fans. There’s big news at the B and B household, so let’s get started. Here are your Bones top five moments.

Brennan is pregnant!
There’s much rejoicing and talk of turning rooms into nurseries. Booth is already forbidding Brennan from being around chemicals at the crime scene…where a body has been found in an industrial shredder. Christine overhears “big sister” and puts it all together. Also, ketchup on pancakes. Yuck.

Brennan doesn’t want to tell anyone yet. Let’s see how long that lasts with the busy bodies down at the Jeffersonian.

Unbreakable Glass Beakers.
Apparently Hodgins has a penchant for breaking all of his equipment and is just now finding out it comes out of his paycheck, even though Jessica, who hasn’t been there in weeks, knows all about the breaking his beakers and vials and such. She encourages Hodgins to invent an unbreakable beaker right before she talks condescendingly to Cam. Ah, there’s the Jessica I know and love.

I guess the hot sauce thing is a bust? Does anyone remember Finn, aka Opie? Am I the only one? Luke must be enjoying his stay at Person of Interest. I miss him, though.

In the end, Hodgins invents…a material that you can drop a glass on, and it doesn’t break. You can also wrap objects in it. Angela thinks Hodgins has made the Jeffersonian a mint, but Cam’s insistence that Hodgins keep the inventing at home means the money will be theirs. Oh thank GOD. Let’s hope the whole thing about Pelant wiping out his entire fortune, and Hodgins just living off his paycheck, poor thing, has come to an end.

Corpse of the Week.
Ugh. There are shredded parts all over the place. More bad news. Intern Jessica is there. Booth shows up with coffee for everyone acting like he downed five double espressos already. Good work, Booth, keeping it on the DL. He compliments everyone, even calling Hodgins Bug Boy. As in, “Look at Bug Boy go!” And….OH MY GOD. The victim’s face all smashed up against some mesh inside a door. It’s Prop Dept. Gone Wild up in here! Mike Meyers called. He says he’s frightened.

Brennan, usually one who’s able to keep herself in check, is also full of compliments and good cheer. Then she’s all for listening to Jessica’s “vibe” and gung-ho for theorizing. Now Jessica is totally freaked out. And when you freak her out, you know you’re acting all kinds of bizarre. Despite Brennan’s claim that she’s always in a good mood, Angela does the hug/sore boobs test and knows what’s up. That’s one down.

Jessica’s hunch that our shredded friend was a mover pays off. His name is Jeff Dover, a mover at Oz Storage and Moving.

Dover had tons of poker apps on his phone and multiple accounts at different sites. They bring in a coworker named Dustin who’d had a screaming match with Dover. He caves right away about the gambling thing. Dustin was small potatoes, but Dover was high stakes and underground. Dustin bankrolled him, and they agreed to split the winnings. Dover told Dustin he won twenty-eight grand, and then shows up dead with no money. Get ready. This is the second week in a row where the case is closely related to Booth.

Gambling is Bad!
Did you remember Booth had a gambling habit once upon a time? Well, now you do. Brennan thinks he shouldn’t be involved in the case, what with the dopamine and such. Booth insists he has way more to lose now and calls in his bookie to get him into the same game Dover played in. Booth’s newly pregnant wife and bookie give him matching “Are you sure?” looks, along with verbal protesting, but Booth is adamant.

From Dover’s body, they recover what Brennan automatically identifies as a Gambler’s Anonymous token. At least he carried it around, right? Turns out Dover started gambling after his family died in a car accident. Booth is insistent that the victim is innocent, and some nefarious people took advantage of Dover when he was at his weakest.

This makes Booth’s resolve stronger that he be in the game. Aubrey, the last dissenter, brings up Sweets’ diagnosis about him coping with tragedy by gambling. Then he brings up Sweets’ death and the shooting and the prison, but Booth will not be swayed.

Booth starts winning and being totally obnoxious about it. We’ve got Gold Digger, who got a settlement from her ex-billionaire, ATM, who loses a lot, and Midlife, aka Nate, an ex-athlete who went the Corvette/Stripper route. He doesn’t look old enough. Nor does he have a toupee. I call shenanigans. They don’t introduce Michael Westen’s little brother who apparently is running this little show. When Booth leaves the table, they all give each other looks fraught with significance. It leads nowhere, so whatever.

The place has a couple of the same cameras you see in Vegas, and Booth wants Angela to hack into it, but he has to get close to it. Booth makes an accusation against another player and insists they check the instant replay. Angela is able to download footage of the night Dover was there.

Rut roh. Booth comes home with a large bankroll. Twelve thousand to be exact. He tries to play it calm, but Brennan ain’t buying it. She also quotes Sweets and says any emotional event, even if it’s positive, could trigger Booth. Is this the same woman who put down Sweets and his profession every week?

Though the team traces the victim’s murder to the back of a Thai restaurant and find tons of forensic evidence, they can’t find evidence on the players. Once again over heated objection, Booth insists on going back to the game to read the other players’ tells, as the team frantically tries to find evidence.

Solving the Case.
With a name like Midlife, I guess it was inevitable that he was the killer. Dover was killed with a baseball bat. Midlife is in debt up to his eyeballs and about to lose his house. At the same time the team is realizing this, Booth zeroes in on him.

It should surprise nobody that just as Booth is dealt a winning hand and there’s twenty grand on the table, he receives a text telling him about Midlife. If you thought Booth would play the hand, you thought wrong. He arrests Midlife.

There’s a twist! In the end, Booth pretends to talk to his sponsor but it’s really his bookie. I guess we have our new arc.

So, that’s it! What do you think about Booth getting the gambling bug again?

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