THE ORIGINALS Opinion: Should Klaus Ever Forgive Elijah?


The worst thing that Elijah could have done he did on last Monday’s episode of THE ORIGINALS. He completely betrayed Klaus. And he didn’t just betray Klaus on some random plan, this involved Hope, who is the only thing on planet earth Klaus truly cares for. Plus to make matters worse, Rebekah turned on him too and they both teamed up with Freya, who Klaus has said many times that he doesn’t trust. This will be a turning point in their relationship and by the look on Elijah’s face after he stabbed Klaus with the dagger, I don’t think Elijah believes Klaus will ever get over it.

So the question is, will Klaus ever forgive Elijah? Klaus is not one to easily forget any infraction against him, I mean he hunted Katherine for centuries. But Elijah is in a whole other league because Elijah is suppose to be the one person Klaus could depend on. Klaus may show that in very crazy way but he does trust Elijah and now Elijah has stood in Klaus’ way in protecting Hope.

The simple answer is no, I don’t think Klaus will forgive Elijah nor do I think Klaus should. I love me some Elijah but he completely crossed the line and made a huge mistake. Klaus may have been acting completely insane but one that is just Klaus being Klaus and two what parent acts normal when their child’s life is threatened. It’s totally justifiable that Klaus would be acting even more secretive and psychopathy than normal when Hope’s life is in jeopardy. Plus he knows (or believes) that everyone will end up against him which is exactly what happened. So Klaus didn’t want to share his plan with everyone in the entire world because there are looming threats everywhere. Is that the worse thing he could have done to protect Hope? He has said over and over that he has a plan, why can’t he just once get the benefit of the doubt?

I understand that Klaus has betrayed his siblings before and trust is very hard for Klaus to earn because he can be a pretty horrible person but Klaus is only thinking about Hope. He has never done anything that proves he can’t be trusted when it comes to Hope. He has only tried to protect her and keep her away from any harm yet his entire family can’t see past his previous nonsense and see that Klaus is acting as a father and not anything else.

So, no Klaus will probably not forgive Elijah for this nor Rebekah & Freya (if she is still around at that point) but more importantly, he shouldn’t forgive Elijah for a very long time. Klaus against Elijah, this sounds like a pretty epic end to season 2 and great beginning to season 3. I only say beginning because eventually Klaus will forgive reunion. And that reunion scene, well only the Salvatore reunion scene during this season of The Vampire Diaries will be able to rival it.

Well, TVAddicts, do you think Klaus will forgive Elijah? If yes, then when and if no, why not? Sound off below!

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