Morning Static: GOTHAM, MAD MEN, FRIENDS & More!


• This Week in Tech: Hulu to Exclusively Host All Seinfeld Episodes, Walking Dead Spinoff
• Nostalgia Alert: ‘Lizzie McGuire’ cast reuniting at a bowling alley is the most Disney Channel thing ever
• Late-night comics were brutal to Bruce Jenner before. How did they handle his coming out?
• RIP: Suzanne Crough, Actress in ‘The Partridge Family,’ Dies at 52
• The Big Tease: Starz’s New Ballet Drama Is Sex, Drugs, and Cabriole
• Smart: HBO CEO Brushes Off Idea Of Simultaneously Releasing All Episodes Of A Show
• TV Network Scorecard: What’s Working and What’s Not
• Netflix Ratings Revealed: New Data Sheds Light on Original Series’ Audience Levels
• Funny Business: David Letterman Reflects on 33 Years in Late-Night Television
• Rumor Patrol: Brian Williams won’t go down without a fight
• Good: ‘Friends’ Creator Says Reboot Is ‘Never Gonna Happen’
• Vice to get TV channel, replacing H2 on A&E Networks’ roster
• ‘The Wire:’ The burning of Baltimore and the limits of art
• Note to Game of Thrones: ‘Outlander’ Did Something Radical Again
• Mad Woman: Stephanie Drake on Playing Mad Men’s Most Assertive Secretary
• ‘Gotham’: As strong character, Morena Baccarin is just what the doctor ordered
• Oh Oh: Showtime & HBO Fight Streaming Sites Over Mayweather & Pacquiao Battle

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