Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with REMEDY Star Dillon Casey

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By: C. Joan Porter, Special to

With only a few weeks to go before REMEDY’s season two finale the TV Addict caught up with Dillon Casey, who plays fan favourite Griffin Connor on the series. The charismatic Canadian actor was only too happy to share why he thinks season two is must-watch TV, what’s next for Griff and more.

For the viewers who maybe dropped off watching in season one, what’s your elevator pitch to them to come back and catch up on season two? 
I think that the second season is really great, high-quality television, really raw. We get to see a lot of the backstory of the characters and why they end up the way they end up. I’m really attached to the character and I really want people to see it. I like the show. I love the cast. I love the writers. Remedy in its second season is hard-hitting, nail-biting drama with a family twist.

We also have Niall Matter who’s really hot. He’s a really sexy doctor, so my whole reason for people coming back would be to watch Niall Matter be sexy.

Playing an addict – one who’s recovering but also one who is now spiraling out – is a meaty role for an actor. How do you shoulder the responsibility of telling that story in a real way, where it does justice to the very real problem addicts face?
I just want to represent the character. It’s more important: what he’s going through as a person and why he’s doing the drugs. My job isn’t to be a role model; it’s not to set an example for kids. My job is to act, to be the character and connect with it the best way that I can.

Why do you think fans have connected with – and rooted for – Griffin even when he’s screwing everything up? 
I think people have connected with the character because the journey’s been real. The writers did a great job of it. We’re not trying to show that all addicts are this way. I never approach is as what they’re labelled as, therefore they should act this way. I approach them as a human being first, and then, if they happen to be addicted to drugs, they’re still the person they are. They’re not just some idea of an addict. I think that what people are relating to is that Griffin is a really real person. He’s a good guy, and this could happen to anyone.

It seems like a safe bet that Griffin still has a ways to fall/spiral out this season. Will fans see him hit rock bottom before the season finale? 
Usually, the way this stuff happens is, you have to hit rock bottom in order to come back. If you’re an addict, there’s something going on in your brain that convinces you it’s cool. One more, just one more, just one more. You start rationalizing and seeing the world in ways that fit your addiction. He needs a huge moment to wake him up, or he’ll just stay on that same road. It’s unrealistic to think that Griffin in this one season could relapse, go down, hit rock bottom and come back.

And finally, outside of the series, what are the Casey brothers up to these days?
We’re working on a feature film script that hopefully we’ll shoot this summer. I’m taking a producing hand in it. My younger brother has a writing deadline in a week. I’m going to have to crack the whip on him.

Remedy airs Mondays at 9 PM ET/PT on Global TV in Canada

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