Have The CW Anit-Heroes Gone Too Far?

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This week has two season finales that are sure to be action packed. These two finales are both on The CW and both involve “anti-heroes.” Anti-heroes are those characters that seem to be in the “heroes” category but don’t actually follow any conventional hero characteristics. The two CW shows I’m talking here are ARROW and THE ORIGINALS. What these two show’s anti-heroes have in common is that they both have made some very bold and potentially unforgivable moves in the episodes leading up to the finales this week. So I ask have Klaus Mikaelson and Oliver Queen gone too far?

Let’s start with Klaus, I wrote a whole post a few couple of weeks ago about if Klaus could ever forgive Elijah for daggering him and potentially preventing Klaus from saving his daughter. I thought that eventually Klaus and Elijah would make up but that it would just take some time. Now, I don’t think Elijah will ever forgive Klaus let alone Hayley forgive him. I was totally on Klaus’ side when it came to him getting daggered and I knew Klaus would seek revenge but I didn’t think he would go this far. He killed Gia right in front of Elijah, he compelled Marcel to almost kill Rebekah and he invoked the Crescent moon curse on Hayley’s pack.

Now, Klaus is still acting in the name of baby Hope but he might have taken this a bit too far. Obviously, the Mikaelson siblings will all work together to save Hope but when that is over, they will never be the same. Klaus has killed Elijah’s girlfriend and cursed a woman he loves. I get that Klaus needs to play the part when it comes to Dahlia but did he have to kill Gia right in front Elijah? He made Rebekah live her human body and has Hayley and her family living as wolves until a full moon.

Then there’s Oliver Queen, who has pretty much turned into a jerk these last few episodes. He also says that he is just playing a part but he took it way over the edge. Oliver kidnapped Diggle’s wife in front of Dig’s daughter, threatened to kill said wife and seemingly left his friends in a room with a deadly airborne virus. Oliver has made some choices that will cause his friends to never trust him again to say the least.

Ultimately, our favorite anti-heroes have gone in the direction of straight villains and they may believe their actions are justified but does anyone else? I’m not sure. I’m more inclined to forgive Klaus or understand his reasoning because he is doing this for his child (and Klaus is one of my favorite characters on television currently, plus how pretty is he?). But I will completely understand if Elijah doesn’t fall for Klaus’ gorgeous blue eyes or his reasoning. Oliver on the other hand, I just don’t get him at all. Capturing Diggle’s wife is one thing but making everyone believe that he is going to let them die. Well, not even Ollie’s abs can save him now.

What do you think TVAddicts? Can you forgive Klaus and Oliver? Do you think their friends and family will or should? Sound off below.

**Side note: How great have The CW’s shows been this year? Between, The Originals, Arrow, Flash and The Vampire Diaries I’m about one episode away from either a heartache or a complete emotional breakdown.**

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  • GsMumbo

    The CW definitely has been on point this year. The fact that they renewed almost every show they have really speaks to that. Loving it.

  • JM

    I think after you see the entire season play out for Arrow you can better understand Oliver’s reasoning.


    Could he gave maybe gone another route maybe… maybe not…but you can’t deny that a lot of what he did was for the love he has for his sister. His only surviving family member that he’s aware of. Also his ultimate plan was to let himself die so its a little hard to stay mad at him after that.