Our Top 5 Takeaways From GREY’S ANATOMY Season 11


The carousel never stopped turning this season on GREY’S ANATOMY. This season brought us laughs, love, heartbreak, and a whole lot of ugly crying. It made us question why we started GREY’S in the first place, and then instantly reminded us why we not only started it, but why we stuck by it and supported it for so many years.

The flashbacks!
We’ve seen flashbacks from Meredith’s childhood and the terrible parenting style of Ellis Grey (Kate Burton) before but we’ve never seen such interesting and critical flashbacks like we saw this season.

Best Use of a Flashback: The parallels when Meredith starting going into labor with baby Ellis intertwined with flashbacks from when her mother tried to kill herself.

The music!
Revisiting the songs that shaped this show was beautiful and tragic and was so incredibly fitting. It served as the perfect subtle dialogue in the scenes that meant the most this season.

Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) having the storyline she deserved!
Amelia is brilliant and as I said in an article in the beginning of the season a character that people need to see on TV. Her storyline with Owen (Kevin McKidd) has been wonderful and a healthy relationship for both of them. I’m most excited to see what’s in store for Amelia next season.

RIP Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd.
His death was sudden and none of us were ready for it. It’s too soon to even talk about it so I won’t say too much.

The season of Meredith! (Ellen Pompeo)
Where to even begin with this complicated, extraordinary, super-human of a character. We watched Meredith go from a dark and twisty intern to strong and confident mother and surgeon. One of Meredith’s biggest struggles has been comparing herself to her mother, if we learned anything from the last few episodes it’s that she is absolutely not her mother. She has dealt with the horrible events life (Shonda Rhimes) has thrown at her and has bounced back from everything. Just like Cristina (Sandra Oh) said, Meredith is the sun.

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