• Supergirl: New image, Berlanti and Benoist on casting
• Michael King Dead: TV Exec Who Helped Launch ‘Oprah’ Show Was 66
• This season’s broadcast superlatives: Recognizing the best and worst of the year, in television
• Review: CBS’ The Briefcase and its $100,000 decision
• Jon Stewart Slams FIFA for 24 Years of Alleged Corruption: “Started a Jennifer Lawrence Ago”
• Funny Business: Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer and Comedy Actress A-List in Raunchy, R-Rated Roundtable
• TLC and the Duggar Family Situation: More Lies And Counting
• Q&A: Elisabeth Moss On Peggy’s Happy-Ever-After, ‘Truth’ And Broadway
• Smash’s Broadway Event Expands! Who’s Joining Ellis (!) in Bombshell?
• Longmire Season 4: Ally Walker Lands Mystery Role, as Series Heads to Netflix
• Revenge Finale Gets Barry Sloane’s Seal of Approval: ‘Emily and Jack Were Always Supposed to End Up Together’
• Casting Coup: Denise Richards Going Full Cougar for New CW Comedy Significant Mother
• Creator Speaks Out: Backlash Brewing Against Binge TV as ‘Orange Is the New Black’
• God No! ‘19 Kids And Counting’ Spinoff May Be Spawned As TLC Wades Through Duggar Mess
• Cable Ace: Silicon Valley star T.J. Miller on his ‘absurd’ HBO pilot The Gorburger Show
• Cool Beans: Watch the Mr. Robot pilot before its June 24 premiere
• Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams speaks: The ultimate Arya interview
• When Child Starts Go Good: Former Disney Superstar Reveals Why He Walked Away from Being Rich
• Marvel Studios Fails Fans By Fighting Marvel TV (& Not Hiding It Well)
• Benchwarmer: ESPN Drafts Chris Connelly To Replace Fired Bill Simmons As Grantland Chief
• Awards Watch: 26 presenters announced for 69th Tony Awards

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