What Was Your Favorite Moment From this Past Television Season?

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The fall season has come to an end and there were many tears shed during our favorite show’s final episode of the season. And now that you have finally been able to dry your eyes, it’s time to reflect on your favorite moment, development or plot of the 2014-2015 Fall season. My favorite development was the one show that made me cry just so many happy tears. That show was LAW & ORDER: SVU. Law & Order has been known to not really get into the personal lives of it’s characters or if it does, it seems out of the blue and random. But this season had viewers follow as Detective Olivia (Liv) Benson raised and went through the adoption process of her foster son, Noah. FYI: Noah is adorable and amazing.

SVU’s final episode of their season had Noah’s birth father (who also happens to be a sex trafficker/rapist) trying to gain some custody of him. Det. Liv Benson has been through a lot in the many seasons of SVU but seeing her with Noah was seeing a completely new side of her. When Liv was around Noah or nurturing him or just anything involving Noah it was like some sunlight shining in on this dark show.

And just when we thought that everything was going right, Noah’s criminal birth-father tried to take him from Liv. I honestly said that I will have to stop watching this show if they take Noah away from Liv or she has to share custody with that guy. Luckily, that didn’t happen! The judge awarded Liv custody and Noah Porter became Noah Porter-Benson. When the judge said Noah’s new name, happy tears fell from my eyes (longer than I would like to admit).

I wrote a post around Valentine’s day where I listed characters that I thought needed love in their lives because they deserved it. Liv Benson was on that list and she got just that this season but it wasn’t the love a man (or woman), it was the love of her children, of being a mother. Noah just may be the love of Liv’s life and that is fantastic.

This was my favorite development of the fall season, TV Addicts. Amaro leaving SVU was a very close second, just in can you were wondering. What was your favorite plot, development or moment this season?

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  • Julio Melendez

    Hard to say, since, in my opinion, Fall of 2014 was a pretty weak season for television in general. I’d have to say Quinn’s vigilante arc in season 4 of Homeland was my favorite development. It’s not one specific moment, but the development itself really helped the show gain some legs now that much of the fat was trimmed from it last season (finally, no more angst-filled-teen scenes with Brody’s daughter.) I really wish more moments came to mind, but it really was a pretty forgettable Fall season for me.