BONES Redux: Our Top 5 Moments From “The Life in the Light”


Hey, Bones fans. Looks like instead of a grisly discovery of the corpse of the week, we’re starting out in the B&B living room where awkward fills the air.

Booth is trying. He’s really trying!
After Booth’s fumble and eventual sharing at the meeting, he seems to be on better footing with Brennan, but they’re not out of the woods yet. Booth is allowed to babysit Christine, but when it comes to spending the night, Booth reads Brennan’s silence as a no.

Booth’s sponsor is ready to get Booth a cake and have a huge whoop-dee-do over his thirty-day chip. Usually the cake is reserved for their “birthday,” which is their Anonymous anniversary, but I guess the show is fudging things a bit here. Booth is uneasy with making a big deal out of the whole thing and doesn’t really want Brennan there. Then Aubrey gets all up in his face about it, because of course. And he’s marking it on his calendar, because he knows it’s been thirty days. Just keep eating, Aubrey.

Booth’s sponsor, also not clear on the anonymous part, or respecting his sponsee’s wishes, calls Brennan to find out what kind of cake Booth would want. But she knows she’s not invited to the celebration. Cam verifies that the chip is this huge deal and is shocked Brennan wasn’t invited. Good job there, sponsor. But I guess maybe if Brennan hadn’t blabbed about Booth, maybe the damage would have been contained. So many people feeling okay about getting involved in Booth’s recovery…

Brennan does go, but it’s only to tell him of an advancement in the case. She misses the sponsor’s introduction, and it stops Booth from sharing about his recovery. But it ends well when Brennan lets him know she wants to share in his victories.

Corpse of the Week!
I’m already happy, because Wendell is the intern this week, though he gets almost nothing to do that doesn’t involve him standing over the body. Also, Wendell has the entire scoop about Booth, and they discuss him openly, as you do when you’re standing over a dead body trying to figure out what killed them.

Someone lit the corpse on fire and started a forest fire in the process, so they have no regard for vegetation on top of human life.

The COTW is Micah Stanbow, a former member of a biker gang called The Damned. He was the muscle. Their leader, Dale, was busted on racketeering charges. And it seems after Micah got into a bad accident, he left the biker gang to teach yoga to soccer moms.

What’s not awkward is B&B working together. They have their usual case meeting at the Royal Diner, and we also get a drive talk as they go to see Micah’s girlfriend, Nan, who tells them he was on a silence retreat. He went into the woods to meditate. There is a rival studio down the block that closed down, and a lot of his clients went to Micah’s studio. Uh, why would you open a yoga studio down the block from another yoga studio? Ramish is quite zen, until Aubrey works his usual charm, and he asks for a lawyer.

And it looks like Micah has been a bad boy. He has a bunch of pictures of one of his students, Elizabeth, that he posted on “Peek-a-Pic.” Hmmm…Seems she has an ex, and they used to go and hit people with baseball bats. But she’s gotten over her anger management issues, and Nan totally knew about her and Micah, because she’s not possessive.

Dale asked Micah for some money to help pay the huge child support bill he racked up while he was in prison. Micah went to get it and never came back.

Solving the Case!
It seems Nan was upset that Micah wanted to drain their combined life savings to help Dale, so she hit him over the head with her tablet, which sent him through a glass table. The tablet had recorded the murder, and the vid got uploaded to her Cloud account. Are you getting all of this?

We Find Out Angela’s Real Name!
WOW! I thought it was another fake-out. So Angela has her passport sitting out, and Hodgins picks it up before Angela can stop him. Her name is…drum roll…Pookie Noodlin. Angela even allows Hodgins to say it three times, like Beetlejuice.

And why was her passport sitting out? Well, she got it renewed in case they go to Paris. Which becomes a reality when Hodgins buys this humongous house for them. So as if Brennan isn’t going through enough, her best friend comes in and tells her she’s moving to Paris. Cam doesn’t look too pleased, either.

Both actors have signed on for season eleven, so it’s anybody’s guess what’s happening.

Booth Stays the Night!
Oh, good. We can stop some of this drama. It’s been dragged out long enough. Here’s hoping that this means he’s going to move back in real soon.

Next week: The season finale. AND OHMYGAWD, NOT PELANT! It’s like my nightmare is coming true. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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  • John

    Thanks for the good review.

    Everyone was injecting themselves into Booth’s recovery and B&B marriage. Have none of these people learned anything about personal limits? It was very annoying.

    I have never been questioned by the police, but Aubrey (and Booth) seem to have only one tactic, call the person a liar and make veiled threats. That is a valid tactic, but it shouldn’t be your only one. On Castle you see Becket use a variety of approaches.

    The name thing made no sense. There is no way Angela’s husband wouldn’t know her legal name and the Jefferson and her superiors would also know since she needs to have FBI clearance and to pay the IRS taxes.

    I am not familiar with the details of the AA program and I am sure they are rushing things and skipping stuff, but I guess they want to move the story arc along. I am still not sure why we have this subplot. I am glad they do seem to wrapping it up.

    The case was okay.

    And like you, I am so very tired of Pelant stories.

  • They are totally rushing things with the AA program, but to be fair, Booth said numerous times that he has a long way to go. And Brennan isn’t letting him off the hook, either.

    The problem is with everyone getting involved in his recovery and discussing it behind his back. That is very NOT okay. At all.

    I agree with you about Booth’s and Aubrey’s tactics. Booth used to have a strategy of kind of reeling them in. He was always about his “gut” and it would tell him how to question the person. And Sweets what a psychologist, so he didn’t go in there like gangbusters, either.

    But really, the way they do it, every suspect should be begging for a lawyer. They are all guilty until proven innocent, and they don’t even bother to check out where these people were before they drag them in for questioning.

    Hodgins not knowing Angela’s real name was totally ridiculous, but I honestly don’t think they knew what they’d name her until this season. They’ve built it up for years, and I think Everyone’s expectations were high for just how horrible it would be. I think they could have come up with worse.

    Thanks so much for commenting!