We Shine the Spotlight on TEEN BEACH MOVIE and DOUBLE DADDY Star Mollee Gray


Talented actress and dancer, Mollee Gray will appear in two highly anticipated TV movies this month, TEEN BEACH 2 and DOUBLE DADDY. Playing two incredibly different roles Gray effortlessly makes the transition from bubbly, Giggles to intense and dramatic, Amanda. I caught up with the gifted young actress about her roles in both TV movies, what we can look forward to in TEEN BEACH 2 and what shows she is loving right now on TV.

You have two extremely different TV movies debuting soon, TEEN BEACH 2 and DOUBLE DADDY. What can you tell us about your characters in both movies, Amanda and Giggles?
Yes! Extremely different! Amanda is a 17-year-old girl who is battling a whole new life; now knowing she is pregnant with her cheating boyfriend’s baby. Giggles is a light hearted, happy girl who loves to shake and dance on the beach and doesn’t realize that she is just a character in a classic 60’s movie!

DOUBLE DADDY features some intense drama between Amanda and Heather. What scene between Heather and Amanda are you most looking forward to people seeing?
The anticipation of Heather’s crazy final reaction to Amanda being pregnant is going to be such a thrill! People got a glimpse of it in the trailer, but it’s not even half of what Heather is capable of!

How was working on TEEN BEACH MOVIE? What was your reaction to finding out there would be a second movie?
Being a part of such an amazing franchise, like TEEN BEACH MOVIE, is just a dream! When we found out we were having a sequel we were all ecstatic! Immediately, we messaged each other, just full of excitement!

What can you preview about the second installment, TEEN BEACH 2?
I personally think, TEEN BEACH 2, is so much funnier! I didn’t think that was possible since the first one was so funny, but the sequel is just as hilarious! Fans are going to love it!

You come from a dancing background and performed on SYTYCD as well as other dance shows, what initially drew you to dance?
My mom put me in the arts and gymnastics when I was 3 years old because she said I had too much energy. Ever since then, I have been dancing and fell in love with every aspect of the entertainment industry!

What shows/ TV movies are you loving right now on TV?
Well I actually just watched the season premiere of Lifetime’s new series, UNREAL, and I am already addicted! I can’t wait to watch more episodes!

You can watch Mollee in DOUBLE DADDY on Saturday June 6 at 8:00 EST on Lifetime and TEEN BEACH 2 on June 26th on Disney Channel. You can also follow Mollee on twitter at @mollsgrayy.

Photographer: Danny Hernandez
Hair & Make-up: Allison Noelle
Stylist: Alonzo Johnson Jr.

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