MMVAs 2015: Behind the Scenes with Tyler Posey, Nate Ruess and More!

Tyler Posey
By: Terri-Lynne Waldron

Another year for the MMVAs that brought out the who’s who of the music industry. Led by British boy wonder, Ed Sheeran—as co-host and performer—the performance stage was also
graced by the likes of Nick Jonas, Jason Derulo and Tori Kelly.

But the press room got its fair share of hitmakers, screen stars and up-and-coming musicians.

Jamaican-born singer OMI’s Red Carpet performance for his summer anthem Cheerleader, included a nod to the other MMVA performers. Headgear adorned with photos of Ed Sheeran, Nick Jonas and Carly Rae Jepsen were worn by his back-up dancers who also doubled as his cheerleaders.

Cheerleader was released in Jamaica three years ago and the current remixed version came out in 2014. But OMI always knew that the song could have worldwide success.

“We knew that we had the potential to do better based on the impact it had,” he said of the song that has already been to #1 in Canada, the UK and Top 10 in the US.

“Last year I was signed with Ultra Music and Felix Jaehn—who is also signed with Ultra—did the remix and I think he did a wonderful job and styled it true to the essence of the original version of the song.”

Fun lead singer, Nate Ruess has temporarily delved into solo territory with his debut CD Grand Romantic, a record that he said was written in the shower. When asked what his shower go to song is Ruess responded by saying, “Usually I go for a run every single morning before I take a shower. When I am in the shower the endorphins are running high and I’ll sing anything and everything, it doesn’t matter—it’s whatever is in my head and on my iPod.”

TEEN WOLF’S Tyler Posey may be a heartthrob to many women (“And men,” he added.)
but he is also a good sport when he is catering to his fans. When an invitation came from a reporter in the room to “Take off your shirt!” Posey stood up, teased the media by pulling up his t-shirt just high enough to give us a peek, but kept it PG 13.
Don’t be fooled by the boy-next-door looks of singer Dan Talevski. The Canadian artist recently released the 2nd and more explicit version of the music video for the song Guilty As Sin. Talevski was in the driver’s seat when it came to the content for the adult-themed video.

“That was my idea,” he said proudly of the racy video that includes its fair share of partial nudity.

Talevski had formerly been signed to Interscope Records where the fate of his career was in the hands of the label and even the smallest details about his image were never left to chance. “I was told what to wear, told what colours to like and what to say on the Red Carpet,” he recollected.

He may only be 19, but singer Francesco Yates has garnered enough kudos from critics and fans alike to be touted as music’s “Next Big Thing.” His song, Better To Be Loved, is a slice of old-school funk that belies the age of this artist whose debut CD is being co-produced by Pharrell Williams. Inspired at the age of 11 by the movie SCHOOL OF ROCK, Yates knew that music was his calling.

When asked what advice Williams has given him Yates said, “He’s obsessed with the idea
that I should always play the electric guitar wherever I go. Which is good for me because I didn’t include it in my artistry, but now it’s become one of the focal points.”

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About the author: Terri-Lynne Waldron has been a journalist for over 20 years and you can follow her on Twitter @tw1976

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