Afternoon Static: THE FLASH, SUITS, SEINFELD & More!


• Late Night: Larry Wilmore’s ‘Nightly Show’ Uses N-Word Twice Without Censoring
• Woo-Hoo! Sarah Silverman Confirmed To Return To ‘Masters Of Sex’
• Pilot Watch: Jason Katims’ Relationship Drama Us. Lands Pilot Order at HBO
• CW Sets Fall Premiere Dates, Opens With ‘Flash’
• OMG! BuzzFeed Could Be Making TV Shows Soon ‘In a different way,’ though, CEO says
• Politically Incorrect: Megyn Kelly, Kevin Spacey Developing White House Drama
• Viola Davis talks about THAT wig scene from ‘HTGAWM’: ‘My chance to woman up’
• Opinion: How Brian Williams Will Save MSNBC
• Q&A: ‘Mr. Robot’ Creator on the Sony Hack, Antiheroes and the Dangers of Facebook
• Super News: CW’s Legends of Tomorrow Taps Tomorrow People Vet as Showrunner
• Scoop: ‘Suits’ Boss Teases an “Unraveled” Harvey, Rachel’s Denial and the New Donna
• Funny Business: Greg Daniels Is Developing a Romantic Sci-Fi Comedy for HBO
• CanCon: ‘House,’ ‘Episodes’ Stars Cast as Leads on Fox’s ‘Houdini & Doyle’
• Real and Spectacular: Hulu Re-creates Seinfeld’s Apartment in New York as It Begins Streaming the Series Exhibit runs through Sunday
• Howard Stern Leaving America’s Got Talent After Four Seasons, Pursuing Another TV Gig
• Seconded: Amanda Peet Stands Up for ‘Game of Thrones,’ Says Misogyny Backlash Is “Misplaced”
• All 168 Seinfeld Episodes, Ranked from Worst to Best
• For the First Time, HBO Offers Free Access to New Original Series ‘Ballers’ and ‘The Brink’
• Say it Ain’t So: The Controversy Over the Confederate Flag Has Reached Hazzard County

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