Separated at Birth: ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK’s Lori Petty and Ellen Degeneres


On account of our inexplicable need to point out actors who remind us of, well, other actors comes the latest instalment of our popular ongoing “Separated at Birth” series. This week’s edition is inspired by our current obsession with Netflix’s much-improved third season of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. Is it just us… or does new inmate Lolly played by original BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Lori Petty not look like a dead ringer for television’s Ellen Degeners? Discuss.

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  • W Lee

    I like the show 2 Broke Girls and I think Kat Dennings is hilarious but I have been racking my brains trying to remember who she reminded me of personality wise. Then I saw a recent comment about Lori Petty and it hit me that it was her when she was younger in the 90’s with movies like Tank Girl.

  • Matt

    And Lori Petty was in Buffy…?

  • Andy Sipowitz

    Absolutely…The reason I am even researching this is because I thought it WAS Ellen..I have been binge watching for days and currently in season 3’s spooky the similar characteristics….

  • Peter Fillat

    I just lost a $5 bet to my daughter!

  • Zenobia Ismail

    Lori Petty was never in Buffy. Not the movie, nor the series

  • Uhtred son of Uhtred

    she was in free willy and in the army now

  • Joey

    hhahahah, did you get the $?

  • 4thwall_Kat

    Lori Petty was in Buffy? When?
    In the original movie Kristy Swanson played Buffy.