We Shine the Spotlight on REIGN Star Jonathan Keltz


Jonathan Keltz is an American actor known for his role as Jake Steinberg in the HBO series Entourage, and his work in the films Prom and 21 & over. Currently, Keltz stars as Leith Bayard in The CW’s series Reign. In an exclusive interview, Keltz spoke about his background and what fans can expect to see on the new season of Reign.

Q: So fans have seen you in so many things, and I was wondering what got you into acting to begin with?
Keltz: I knew I wanted to do this at a young age, and I started getting the bug at 10 years old, and luckily I went to a great school at the time, with a great drama department. But everything shifted and changed when my parents and I moved to Toronto, and that was the catalyst to my career. I started working when I was about 16 years old doing film and TV stuff in Toronto, and I used that experience to get representation out in L.A, then moved to L.A right after high school.

Q: What was it like landing a role on [Entourage] one of the biggest hits on HBO at the time?
Keltz: It was amazing, a dream come true. Me and my buddies would have Sunday night viewing parties to watch it. When I booked it, it was for one scene, and I was getting fired. But I didn’t tell anyone I booked it, because I didn’t want to get anyone’s expectations up. So I was thinking “If I keep this a secret, everyone will see it, and everyone will freak out.” So once it aired, it was hilarious. Everyone was freaking out, my phone was ringing off the hook.

Q: What do you like better, doing movies or TV?
Keltz: The answer changes depending on when you’re having the conversation. Ten years ago, it was all about movies, but now we’re in the Golden Age of television. Reign is a perfect example, when you look at the set design, wardrobe, the writing, it’s hundreds of master skills coming together, and I’m happy to be a part of it. But I’d say it would be my dream to be able to do both with the rest of my career.

Q: Your character on Reign started out working in the kitchen, then he was given a title and land (which was taken away). So what can we expect for the rest of the season?
Keltz: Everything changes for everyone. Both brothers at the brink of life and death, everything that’s happening with England, and the wars. With me and the Cardinal it’ll be about, ‘What will I do? How far will I go? What will I compromise, to marry the woman I love?’

Q: Are you working on anything else fans should be watching for?
Keltz: Nothing else at the moment, we just wrapped up filming. We’ll see if I can squeeze something in during the hiatus. Been flirting with some behind the camera stuff, so we’ll see what happens there.

Q: Where can fans follow you online?
Keltz: The best place to follow me is Instagram and Twitter @jonnykanyon, and my Facebook is just Jonathan Keltz.

Watch Jonathan Keltz in Reign, premiering Friday October 9 on The CW. ?
Transcribed by: Meghin Kerr

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