AGENT CARTER: Season 2 Set Photo Reveals [SPOILER] Got a Promotion!

Agent Carter

The cast and crew of Marvel’s AGENT CARTER are back at work for season 2 and a new photo from Marvel’s Twitter account (which you can also see below) has revealed a bit of a spoiler.

The photo shows “Chief Daniel Sousa” on a door, presumably one in the SSR. You may recall that at the end of season 1 of AGENT CARTER, the former Chief (Roger Dooley) sacrificed himself to save the lives of his agents. And while Jack Thompson seemed to take the recognition for stopping Fennhoff’s campaign while Sousa and Peggy Carter were left out of the limelight, it appears that Sousa is going to rise through the ranks of the SSR and end up in the Chief’s chair.

Elsewhere in the second season, Peggy and Jarvis will be heading to Hollywood and Madame Masque (a Marvel villain) will also be making an appearance.

Season 2 of AGENT CARTER will premiere in 2016 on ABC.

agent carter


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