HEROES REBORN: Meet the Characters

Heroes Reborn

HEROES REBORN will be bringing back several characters from the original series (including HRG, Matt, Mohinder, the Haitian and Hiro) as well as introducing fans to several new characters, such as those played by Zac Levi, Judi Shekoni and Robbie Kay.

NBC has put together some helpful videos with some old and new cast members, as well as creator Tim Kring, to explain where the new series is picking up after the original HEROES and to introduce the characters. Here’s a few teasers from the videos below:

-At the end of the original series, the world learned about the existence of people with powers. Four years after the end of the series, hundreds of thousands of people died and it was blamed on a terrorist act by people with powers. Hence the rampant xenophobia that most people have towards those with powers in the U.S.

-People with abilities have basically gone underground and are definitely hiding their abilities.

-You will learn that Luke (Levi) and Joanne (Shekoni) are “pretty dark people,” according to Levi. Shekoni adds that when we first meet her character, she’s chasing someone with a special ability and she really wants to “eradicate” him.

-When you first meet Tommy (Kay), he just wants to have a normal life after having lived on the run for a long time. But he’ll soon realize that it’s impossible not to use his powers (the ability to make things disappear).

-At the start of HEROES REBORN, HRG is back to selling cars in Texas and he has a new girlfriend and is doing “his best to settle down”. But when a conspiracy theorist named Quentin shows up with a lot of questions and information, HRG is pulled back in.

HEROES REBORN debuts with a two-hour premiere beginning at 8:00 p.m. on September 24 on NBC.

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