WICKED CITY Preview: Go Behind the Scenes with the Cast and Producers

Wicked City

WICKED CITY takes place in 1980 Los Angeles, when music and the club life ruled. Back then the focus was on losing yourself in rock ‘n’ roll, at least until something far more sinister was happening to people on the Sunset Strip.

Several serial killers preyed on young women in particular during that time in Los Angeles’ history and that becomes the focus of this series. Ed Westwick plays Kent, a charming man who just so happens to be a killer. During the series premiere he meets a young woman named Betty who, as it turns out, is as dark as he is. The two pair up and become a modern day serial killing couple. Jeremy Sisto is a police officer who is trying to solve the murders happening in his city. When he learns that a young reporter was approached by Kent and given his number, he tries to use her as bait to catch him.

WICKED CITY premieres October 27 on ABC.

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