iZOMBIE Season 2 Premiere Photos: New Cases and New Adjustments


Liv cured Blaine of his zombie-ism in season 1 of iZOMBIE, but he is going to have to learn how to navigate both worlds when the show returns for its second season, as you can see in photos from the premiere below. He’ll enjoy some aspects of being human again (not having to eat brains, for one thing), but he’ll definitely be missing the immortality and the power that came from being a member of the undead. Plus, there’s potential side effects of his cure that the show will be addressing.

Meanwhile, Liv will be alienated from many of her loved ones when iZOMBIE returns, but she and Ravi are back to work solving cases. And Max Rager will still be a villain in the upcoming season.

Don’t miss the return of iZOMBIE on Tuesday, October 6 on The CW.







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