GRANDFATHERED Sneak Peek: The Ultimate Bachelor


In the premiere of GRANDFATHERED, the new Fox comedy starring John Stamos, Jimmy Martino is a successful restaurateur who is used to be being the most charming person in the room. He talks up wanting a family, but he’s more content to be a single lothario without any strings.

That all changes when Gerald, his adult son with a former girlfriend, turns up at his restaurant. But Jimmy doesn’t just gain a son one day, he also gains a granddaughter, Edie. As it turns out, Gerald was finally ready to get to know the father that never he knew he existed and brought his young daughter along for the introduction.

Jimmy is, of course, floored when he finds out that he’s a grandfather. Now this quintessential single man is suddenly a family man, thrust back into the life of his former girlfriend, their son, their granddaughter, and their granddaughter’s mother (who treats her baby daddy as a friend, despite him wanting more). Can Jimmy adjust his bachelor lifestyle to accommodate his new family? He may just be surprised by how much they add to his life.

GRANDFATHERED premieres on September 29 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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