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By: Terri-Lynne Waldron

Jason Momoa was not always cast as the warrior/alpha-male/anti-hero that he is known for playing in his various TV roles. When talking to some of his fans before his Fan Expo Q&A, I was surprised to find out that a lot of them knew nothing about his first TV role playing a lifeguard on BAYWATCH HAWAII from 1999 until 2001. But Momoa has come a long way since then with four other series under his belt: NORTH SHORE, STARGATE ATLANTIS, GAME OF THRONES and his current show, THE RED ROAD. The Hawaiian-born actor’s star may be on the rise but he possesses the playful guy-next-door quality of someone who will gladly hang out at a dive bar right before walking a Red Carpet.

On the set of GAME OF THRONES were there any pranks that just made you cackle?
Jason Momoa: I did a lot of pranks mostly on STARGATE ATLANTIS. It takes a couple of years to break in your friendship level to shit in someone’s pot and torture them—It takes a little more than one season. But if I was still on GAME OF THRONES then those fuckers would be in trouble.

On the Space channel there is a series called DARK MATTER that is written and produced by former STARGATE ATLANTIS producers—Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Maullie. Torri Higginson and David Hewlett from SGA guest-starred in the first season, but if you were approached, would you do a guest spot?
Jason Momoa: I haven’t seen that show yet, I’m sorry, but I don’t even watch my own show.
But I would be open to it. I love everyone that was on my cast except for David Hewlett—but you all knew that. (Laughs)

I have been watching your production company—Pride of Gypsies—take on more creative projects. Do you have a dream goal in mind for the company?
Jason Momoa: I am going to be doing these superhero movies for quite awhile and I then there are these things that I want to say as an artist and we made those movies. I just want to keep doing art and moving people. There is some new stuff in the works, so watch out!

What do you think about Toronto?
Jason Momoa: Toronto is amazing and the food is absolutely epic.

What’s your favourate Canadian food?
Jason Momoa: Canadian bacon, Hawaiian pineapple and Hawaiian pizza—which makes no fucking sense. Hawaiian’s don’t eat that much pineapple. (Laughs)

What was it like filming GAME OF THRONES and playing Khal Drogo?
Jason Momoa: To date, it’s definitely the greatest thing I have ever done as an actor and it was the hardest character to play. Hands down, it was the most artistic piece of work and the crew, cast and the first season was really amazing.

Did you anticipate it becoming a global phenomenon that it is when you took the job?
Jason Momoa: I knew that it was going to be huge. HBO put everything into it and I just wanted to be in the room to audition for HBO. I will never play a role that will have that big
of an impact.

One of my favourate shows back in the day was NORTH SHORE. What’s your take on why that show was canceled?
Jason Momoa: I just think that there was not enough people interested or maybe it’s because I needed to go to STARGATE ATLANTIS. Sorry dude. The O.C. was out and
that did really well and they tried to do it in Hawaii with NORTH SHORE and maybe I just jinxed it.

What’s is it like being that sex symbol that women are constantly fawning over?
Jason Momoa: It’s weird and I don’t really know what to do with it. So I just say, “Thank you?”

You played one of the most bad-ass dudes on GAME OF THRONES. What was it like having your ass handed to you by an infection?
Jason Momoa: It’s a lesson going in to trust no bitch. But it wasn’t an infection that killed me, it was a pillow—by a bitch.

About the author: Terri-Lynne Waldron has been a journalist for over 20 years and you can follow her on Twitter @tw1976

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