QUANTICO: Watch the First 8 Minutes of the New ABC Series


A diverse group of agents enters the FBI training academy in the series premiere of QUANTICO, but is one of them actually a terrorist? The show flashes back between the future (which shows the aftermath of a terrorist attack on Grand Central Station) and the present (which focuses on the lives of the new FBI recruits) in the hopes of figuring out the truth.

Alex Parrish joins the FBI in a search for answers about her father, but she’s not the only one keeping secrets. Her fellow trainees include: Ryan Booth (ex-military), Shelby Wyatt (an orphaned Southern belle), Eric Packer (a Mormon with a troubled past), Simon Asher (the first openly gay FBI recruit), Nimah Amin (an observant Muslim with a double life), and Caleb Haas (for whom the FBI is a family business). In the future, she’s found among the wreckage of the fabled train station and immediately becomes a suspect. Can she clear her name and find out who the real terrorist is?

ABC has released the first 8 minutes of the series, which you can watch below. QUANTICO premieres on Sunday, September 27 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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