THE ROYALS Season 2 Preview: Even More Dysfunctional

The Royals

The first season of THE ROYALS introduced us to one of England’s most dysfunctional families. With sibling rivalry that may have resulted in murder, multiple sex scandals and enough deception to make your head spin, the lives of Queen Helena and her family showed us the seedy side of nobility.

So what’s in store for season 2 of THE ROYALS? According to a newly released preview there will be more sex, more drugs, more parties, and more backstabbing. Not to mention some property destruction (including over the new King’s head) and more Joan Collins as Queen Helena’s mother. But there are two big questions that linger from season 1: what is Domino and will King Simon’s killer be revealed?

THE ROYALS returns for its second season on November 15 on E!

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