Aquaman Appearance Teased In Deleted Scene From CW’s THE FLASH


Season 1 of THE FLASH arrives on Blu-Ray & DVD September 22 and Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive look at a deleted scene from the pilot episode which mentions another DC Justice Leaguer: Aquaman. In the scene, Barry (who does not yet have his powers) and Joe discuss a series of stories that Barry’s been investigating when Joe quips, “Yeah, and last month you disappeared to Amnesty Bay to investigate a man who could talk to fish.”

While Aquaman could appear on The Flash in the future, fans should not hold their breath about it being Jason Momoa, who’s set to play him in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. At Variety’s Entertainment and Technology Summit, DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson addressed why the TV and movie universes don’t make sense for Warner Bros. and DC, saying:

“The focus on a single universe of characters with connected storylines could end up handcuffing our creators into trying to work with the same storyline or force them to hold back characters or introduce certain characters. Ultimately, it hinders the ability for someone like Bruno Heller to come in and create ‘Gotham.'”

View the deleted scene below.

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