FINDING CARTER Preview: Five Things to Know About Ben Wallace

finding carter

A bomb was dropped on the Wilson family in the season 2A finale of FINDING CARTER when it was revealed that Lori and David had a son named Ben that Lori had been keeping a secret all of these years.

When the show returns for the second half of the season, Ben will be a big part of the storyline. Thanks to MTV and Ben Winchell, we now know five teasers about Ben:

(1) He’s going to be moving in with Lori in the same neighborhood as the Wilson family — which is sure to cause drama

(2) He’ll be going to the same school as Carter and Taylor

(3) He has a somewhat dark past and some of the people from his past could resurface

(4) He has come up with several creative ways to make money

(5) He doesn’t trust easily, even someone like Carter who wants to get to know her brother

FINDING CARTER returns on October 6 at 10:00ET/9:00CT on MTV.

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