REIGN Season 3 Premiere Teasers: The War of Queens


There’s a great deal of political maneuvering in the season 3 premiere of REIGN, along with romantic entanglements and and an air of mortality. Mary is on the offensive, having to fight two queens and a dwindling supply of funds in France. Here’s five things you need to know about the season 3 premiere:

Scheming in England. Elizabeth is encountering resistance among her privy counsel advisers who don’t like what they’re calling her personal vendetta in Scotland. Behind closed doors, Catherine is advising her, but their recent plan to force Mary to abdicate her Scottish throne failed. Still, Catherine is nothing if not resourceful and has come up with a Plan B: get the Pope to withdraw his support of Mary and remove her power by disgracing her in the eyes of the Church. Meanwhile, we’re introduced to Robert Dudley, who is — as history has told us — in a forbidden relationship with Elizabeth. But when she insists they can’t continue it, he asks to leave court and she refuses to let him go. Her impossible relationship with Dudley leads Catherine to Plan C: marry Elizabeth off to her son, Charles, in order to weaken Mary further.

Facing the End. In France, Francis is attempting to live his life to the fullest, now aware that it will likely come to an end very soon. He’s going to admit the secret of his illness to someone at court and he’s grooming his brother Charles to become the next King. Naturally, this might upset Elizabeth’s plans to wed the boy.

Rogue Pirate. Narcissie continues to provide valuable intel to Mary and Francis and he delivers the news that Mary’s power in Scotland is waning. In order to secure more funds for their troops in France and in Scotland, Francis and Mary hire a pirate to help steal them some gold. He arrives at court with much fanfare (and a lion!) and takes a particular interest in Greer. Mary doesn’t encourage the match at all, but Greer seems eager to do what she can for Queen and country. Still, she may not be prepared for the lothario pirate’s ways.

A Courtship. While Greer is being entertained with the pirate, Narcisse continues to make his interest in Lola quite clear. She’s resistant to pursue a relationship with him out of fear — both of him and of Catherine — and Francis has forbid a courtship. Still, Narcisse is nothing if not persistent.

Witch Hunt. Bash is still on the hunt for the mysterious Delphine and there’s something very odd going on with him. In addition, we’re going to learn more about Delphine’s abilities.

REIGN returns for an all new season on October 9 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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