HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER Season 2 Premiere Recap: Who Killed Rebecca?

how to get away with murder

We open the second season of HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER with the death of Rebecca. But there’s only fragments as we quickly flash forward to 10 days later. As Annalise questions her students during her latest lecture, we flash back to see her and Frank getting rid of Rebecca’s body. She doesn’t want anyone to know about Rebecca’s death, especially Wes, but Frank thinks that he did it. In class, Wes is publicly defiant to Annalise as we see Rebecca take her last breath in a flashback.

After class, tensions erupt between Laurel and Michaela over the engagement ring theft, while Bonnie is trying to prep Annalise about Nate’s trial. But Annalise’s attention is drawn by the latest news story: two wealthy adopted siblings who are accused of murdering their parents. She approaches the pair to offer her services and then tells her students they need to sabotage their current lawyer so they can take over the case.

Enter Eve, a friend from Annalise’s past. And the mysterious person Annalise told Nate to call at the end of season 1. ¬†She’s telling Eve that Nate didn’t kill Sam, but Eve is shocked that Annalise passed on her number after they haven’t spoken for years. And when Eve tells her she’s not going to take the case, Annalise begs her to do it.

Back at Oliver’s apartment, Connor is trying to initiate sex, but Oliver refuses to put him at risk. At Wes’ apartment, he searches for the discovery of any Jane Doe bodies. Frank is spying on his computer use and tells Annalise he still thinks Wes did it. While Annalise doesn’t believe he did, she tells Frank she has a way to find out if his suspicions are true.

The next morning, Annalise puts her plan into effect when she tells Wes that they found Rebecca and she asks him to keep the news secret. In court, Bonnie and Laurel put their own plan into effect to set up the siblings’ lawyer, while Michaela and Connor question Frank about Eggs 911, but he’s dismissive. And then he heads off to follow Wes in the hopes that he’ll go to the motel Annalise told him Rebecca was hiding.

Eve is meeting with Nate and trying to build his defence, but he keeps lying about visiting with Annalise the night that Sam was killed. He admits he doesn’t think he can trust the woman who framed him to provide him with a lawyer and when Eve turns down his case he threatens to take Annalise down with him.

While Michaela texted “hi” to the Eggs 911 number that Rebecca texted before she was killed, phase 2 of Annalise and Bonnie’s sabotage plan went into effect successfully. And after Frank told Annalise that Wes never went to find Rebecca as they thought he would, she confronted her student. He tells her that he knows she made up the story about Rebecca and then insists again that he didn’t let her go. But he doesn’t confess to murder. He thinks that Rebecca ran away because she didn’t trust Wes and he needs to accept that.

At Frank’s apartment, Laurel shows up to ask him if Rebecca is dead. Why does she think that? Because Laurel believes Rebecca would have gone to the police if she were still alive. He makes her leave and then tells Annalise he thinks Laurel is the killer. But Annalise tells him he’s got the wrong girl.

And that’s when she shows up at Bonnie’s apartment and we learn the truth: Bonnie killed Rebecca. She went downstairs to give her some water. In a flashback we see Rebecca tell Bonnie she would keep quiet about everything that happened. And that’s when we see another side to Bonnie — a side that is hiding some terrible secrets. After telling Rebecca that she thinks she killed Lila, she suffocated her. In the present, Annalise insists that Rebecca was innocent, but Bonnie didn’t believe that. “You’re the one sick enough to do this,” Annalise says to Bonnie, who insists that she did what Annalise would have done for her. “You did it for Sam!” Annalise accuses Bonnie, saying that Sam wasn’t the paragon of virtue that Bonnie believed he was. “You’re a monster, just like him!”

In tears, Annalise shows up at Eve’s apartment and admits that she wasn’t a good person. And that’s when we learn the truth: Annalise and Eve had been together before Annalise married Sam. Annalise admits that she framed Nate, but says she was only protecting the person who really killed Sam. Moments later, the pair kiss.

The next morning, Annalise is meeting with her new clients, who insist they didn’t kill their parents. As Annalise starts her new case, Eve is appointed Nate’s new lawyer. And Connor moves in with Oliver just before Annalise summons all of her students to a club to have some fun. As the the D.A. that’s prosecuting Nate grills Asher for information, he tells her that Eve stopped by Annalise’s house. And Michaela receives a text back from Eggs 911 as we see that the witness who testified against the siblings had been murdered.

Two months later, we hear a shot ring out at the siblings’ mansion and we see Wes running away in a panic as Annalise lies bleeding on the floor. Did Wes try to kill Annalise?!

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