Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Takeaways from GREY’S ANATOMY Season 12 Premiere “Sledgehammer”

kelly mccreary greys anatomy

Our favorite hot doctors are back and boy are we in store for a crazy season! A lot has changed since we last saw Grey Sloan Memorial, and it’s not just the fact that Derek (Patrick Dempsey) is no longer around. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is a new person, she is stronger than ever before, operating more, and is being the Meredith Grey we all knew she could be. April (Sarah Drew) and Jackson (Jesse Williams) are not on good terms, and Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is Chief.

Here are the top 5 moments from last nights’ season opener:

Maggie (Kelly McCreary) punched a patient’s mom in the fact.
One of the main storyline’s we saw in last night’s episode dealt with bullying. Two young girls who were in love were the subject of bullying, from their peers as well as one of the teens parents. The two girls stepped in front of a train and suffered intense injuries. Callie, (Sara Ramirez) Karev, (Justin Chambers) and Maggie discussed bullying during the surgery to save one of the children and each shared their own experiences. Pierce explained how she had a lisp and was called “Maggot Pierf.” Callie expressed how she had to toughen up and fight back from an early age, and contrary to what everyone thought Alex talked about how he was overweight and bullied for most of his life.

What people are saying behind Arizona’s (Jessica Capshaw) back and why she can’t find a roommate.
Throughout this whole episode Arizona tried to figure out why no one was taking any of her flyer, or showing any interest in renting her apartment and being her roommate.

Edwards (Jerrika Hinton) explains to Arizona that the reason no one wants to live with her is because “they say you have two legs and you say you have one for the parking spot.” At the end of the episode we see one of the interns take Arizona up on her offer for the apartment.

Owen asks Amelia out.
After a few solid episodes of the “will they won’t they” it seems as though they “will.” That is if Maggie doesn’t interrupt them!

Jackson and April are not staying together.
We didn’t see them together much this episode, only for a few minute towards the end but that was all we needed to know how things are currently between the two of them. Jackson wanted to sleep at the hospital, telling April she could sleep at the house. The two have a lot to discuss and I think their relationship is going to be one that we see unravel over the course of this season.

Miranda is the new Chief.
After following Webber (James Pickens Jr.) on a tour for a possible new Chief of Grey Sloan Memorial the board announced that Miranda would be the hospitals new chief. Which, to anyone that has followed this show for a long time knows, this is way overdue.

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