THE FLASH Season 2 Premiere Teasers: Picking Up the Pieces

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In contrast to ARROW, THE FLASH has always has a much more upbeat and hopeful tone. But the show did end its first season with a tragedy (Eddie sacrificed himself for Team Flash) and this melancholy feeling will persist throughout the season 2 premiere. Still, there’s some hope for the future at the end and after having screened the episode, we have some spoilers to share with you.

Working Alone. It’s been six months since the singularity and Barry has continued his work as the Flash, only he’s doing it all alone. Convinced that this is what’s needed in order to keep his loved ones safe, Barry is now a lone wolf and it’s not something that the others approve of.

New Roles. Meanwhile, as Barry continues his one-man crusade, both Cisco and Caitlin had gotten themselves new jobs. Cisco is over at the CCPD, where Joe has been given a Metahuman Task Force to run, and he’s acting as his science adviser (sans badge though, because the Captain refuses to hand one over). Caitlin, meanwhile, is continuing as a scientist at another lab.

Central City Loves the Flash. Now fully aware that they have a superhero in their midst since the singularity opened above the city, it’s clear that the citizens of Central City adore the red speedster. In fact, they’ve organized a Flash Day to help celebrate him and present the key to the city. But it’s not an event that Barry wants to attend since he doesn’t believe that he was the real hero that day.

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The West Family and Barry. Drawing on their long-time history, both Iris and Joe prove how well they know Barry. Iris has caught on that Barry is helping to rebuild business damaged by the singularity in secret at night and she also tells him that he can’t do all of this alone. Joe, meanwhile, suggests that Barry “rebuild the things that really matter”, hinting that reuniting the team and rebuilding his friendships with the others is what’s important.

A New Villain and More Worlds. It’s because of Iris’ encouragement that Barry ends up showing up for an appearance at Flash Day, but the party is interrupted by the Atom Smasher — a metahuman with tremendous strength and power. It’s his very appearance that brings up a lot of questions and he will be leading the team to two important characters for season 2: Zoom and Jay Garrick.

What Happened During the Singularity? While the premiere picks up several months after the events of the season 1 finale, we are going to see what happened with the singularity and how Barry was able to stop it from destroying the city/world. Some big stuff happens, but we can’t spoil you.

THE FLASH returns for its second season on Tuesday, October 6 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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  • Alexis

    Thanks for teasers. Can’t wait to see Iris’s arc unfold as well as more drama from the West household. Can’t wait to see more of my fave flash couple Barry and Iris.


    Thank you. Really looking forward to Iris’s storylines, great to hear she will be the one to encourage Barry to attend Flash day. Can’t wait to see more of the iconic couple Barry & Iris.

  • Marian Villavizar

    The Show is really good for too reason…Time traveling paradox,,and a whole lot of tech, that they have. The story line is good, cuz that how it played out in real life……so the show kicks a$$