BLINDSPOT: EP Martin Gero Talks Jane’s Role on the Team and the Ties Between the Cases


With the recent news that BLINDSPOT has gotten a script order for nine additional scripts (as per The Hollywood Reporter), it appears that fans of the new series can be hopeful for a full season. And if you’ve already been sucked in to the mysterious series that is BLINDSPOT, then you’ll want to see what executive producer Martin Gero teases about what’s to come.

Procedural vs. Serial. “I think I’ve said from the beginning this is a procedural for people that don’t like procedurals and a character drama for people that don’t like character drama. I think we can find a way to do both really well. Our story of the week, so to speak, comes from one of Jane’s tattoos and is closed-ended and like a little action movie in and of itself. But then what’s great about the show is that we’re able to do a layered character drama on top of that. And I think with previously-ons and people finding out information within the show, it’s the type of thing that will reward the loyal viewer but won’t alienate the casual viewer, which I think is so important on shows like these.”

Will Jane Become Closer to Members of the Team Besides Kurt? “She slowly becomes very close with all of them. There’s a line in episode three where they’re struggling to find what Jane’s role is, how to work it week to week or day to day. And Patterson says it’s kind of like a tangram, which is like these Japanese shape puzzles. And she’s like, you know, this team has been in one piece for so long. And we’re just trying to figure out how to incorporate this new piece, what shape that team is going to be. So she really has an impact on all of their lives and the great thing about doing a show like this is week to week you get to deepen al of the characters, not just Weller and Jane. And so you start to have – Patterson’s going to have her own stories. And then Zapata and Reade will start to have their own stories. But it’s all directly tied to how Jane is impacting all their lives. So it’s a fun line to trace as who welcomes her with open arms, who’s suspicious of her, who’s worried about her. It runs the gamut and all of their lives are changed for good and for bad by knowing Jane.”

Who is Jane? “The mystery of who she is and why someone did this to her – we feel like we have a good answer for that. I think it’s really dangerous for shows like this to feel like all middle from this point on. So we’re really going to churn through some pretty amazing story real quick. Even by the end of the first act, episode two, there’s a pretty major reveal in there that really shapes the entire show. So we’re just excited for people to see it.”

The Tattoo Cases Are Interconnected. “I will say all of the cases are interconnected. There’s nothing random about any of the cases they investigate. I can think of one that seems semi-random, but the rest of them…the cases that come from her body are there with a specific purpose in mind. And part of the puzzle is trying to figure out who’s doing this and why. And the really clearest information you have about that is the cases start to develop — at least outwardly — a theme. And that theme is very telling, and it’s something that our characters are struggling with. [The cases] seem disconnected, but as presented…their similarities start to tell a story, if that makes any sense.”

A new episode of BLINDSPOT airs tonight at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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