FINDING CARTER Preview: Meet Carter’s New Boss

Finding Carter

Carter heads to a bar in the season 2B premiere of FINDING CARTER and it’s there that she gets an opportunity that may or may not result in disaster. After scoring entrance thanks to some fake IDs courtesy of her brother, Ben, she meets Jared, the bar’s owner (played by TWILIGHT’s Jackson Rathbone).

Jared is “a little bit more of a rugged dude that hasn’t really been introduced to the show yet,” hints Rathbone. “And we’re going to see Jared as kind of a hard-nosed boss” when Carter applys to become a server at the bar. But will Jared learn that she lied about her age?

Elsewhere in season 2B, Carter is going to drop out of school and devote herself to her new job, leading to a new, fast-paced lifestyle. But MTV warns that her new life will “speed out of her control…and she needs her family more than ever”.

FINDING CARTER returns with all new episodes on October 6 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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