HEROES REBORN: ENIGMA Game to be Released in October


HEROES REBORN: ENIGMA will be the first of two HEROES REBORN games for mobile and tablet devices and will be released in early October.

According to game published Imperative Entertainment, “Serving as a prequel for the HEROES REBORN event series, HEROES REBORN: ENIGMA is a first person action puzzle game that has players become Dahlia, an evolved human with incredible powers, seeking to escape the clutches of a secret government facility known as The Quarry. Dahlia has to solve a series of brain-teasing puzzles in complex environments. Players will use Dahlia’s teleportation powers to manipulate the plane and traverse through the complex designs of The Quarry while also using her powers to shift time.” The game will extend the storyline from the TV series but it will also serve as a self-contained experience for fans who haven’t seen the show.

The game is written by several of the TV series writers under HEROES creator Tim Kring’s direction. “When I created HEROES, I always envisioned it as an expansive universe with characters and stories that would extend far beyond the reaches of just a TV show,” said Kring.

HEROES REBORN: ENIMGA will be available on iOS and Android for $5.99 on October 8.



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